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Trump’s detractors need to eat humble pie

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Imagine if you will, a man who always dreamed of owning a new Mercedes-Benz S-class. For years, he worked hard and saved money and after a particularly good year, he walked into the car dealership, put his cash on the table and drove away in his beautiful new car. But on the drive home he started thinking that it was very likely that in moments the engine would explode, that the gear-box would jam, the electricals would fail, the tyres would fall off and the cooling system would spew antifreeze in his face.

It matters not that Mercedes-Benz cars are famous for both their comfort and reliability, the man was certain that something would go wrong.

This man reminds me of the many overtly cynical critics who are just waiting for Donald Trump to fail. Amongst such people are those who supported Trump during the election.

From the moment Donald Trump declared his candidacy, people were waiting for him to fail.

First, ‘Oh, he’s just entering the race for a few months before launching a new TV show or product line’—WRONG

Then it was, ‘He’ll never win the Republican nomination, he’s just too extreme and silly and stupid’—WRONG.

Next it was, ‘Now that he’s the nominee, he’ll become a nice, boring establishment style Rockefeller  Republican’—WRONG

Then the bombshell, ‘He must renounce his position saying that he doesn’t want war with Russia, he’s just so irresponsible and un-American—WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

A few months prior to the election we heard, ‘Well, he’s ruined the Republican Party and has handed Hillary Clinton the White House—So very WRONG indeed.

And finally, ‘Now that he’s president-elect, he’ll break all his promises’—WRONG.

Donald Trump has defied not just the odds but all of his naysayers. He has remained consistent throughout victory after victory. I do not think he is going to change now. Donald Trump does not like being told what to do and he neither fears nor respects the media establishment, the deep state or the opinions of discredited losers.

If any man can rise above the many serpents who inhabit the D.C. swamp, I believe that man is Donald Trump. He hasn’t let his supporters down thus far and I do not think he’s about to do so now.

In his recent 60 Minutes Interview, Donald Trump cleared the air and did so convincingly, in areas where there is uncertainty. In respect of having former lobbyists in his campaign team, Trump has said quite bluntly that everyone in Washington is a lobbyist of one form or another and that it will take a concerted process to phrase that culture out. He intends to phase it out and I am fully inclined to believe him.

Right now, he is the man with the big ideas, he doesn’t need too many chefs ruining the meal. What he requires is effective management to turn his ideas into effective policies. I believe his team, which includes some of his talented, honest and intelligent children, will do just that.

As for locking up Crooked Hillary, he said that he will have a definitive answer soon. My personal view is that special prosecutors and public tribunals must be set up not just for Hillary Clinton, but for all of the criminals in the American Deep State and there are hundreds if not thousands of such people. I am in favour of the mother of all purges.

However, it is well to remember that, after the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis also known as Yeltin’s illegal power grab, all those who were arrested were eventually released in 1994 and all criminal proceedings were closed in 1995. This happened in great part thanks to Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s LDPR.

Although a pugnacious political opponent of Yeltsin and Gaidar, Zhirinovsky felt that a country that had experienced so many crises since 1991 could not withstand further divisions. Therefore he encouraged an amnesty in order to help unite the country.

The amnesty covered all members of the Congress of People’s Deputies of Russia as well as the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation,  including Vice President and one time acting President Alexander Rutskoy and Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, Ruslan Khasbulatov.

I’m not suggesting this model should be completely followed in Trump’s America, but it is a model worthy of intellectual investigation. Trump ought to consult his steadfast supporter Zhirinovsky on this complex and pressing issue.

In terms of the Border Wall, immigration and gun rights, Trump re-affirmed his campaign positions. In terms of abortion, Trump made it clear that in spite of his personal views, it will be up to future Supreme Court judges to decide whether the Roe v Wade standard is upheld federally or whether the issue reverts back to the states.

My own views on abortion are in line with those of Russia’s LDPR. I believe it should not be a political issue at all and it should be left for individual women to consult professional doctors with sound judgement whose duty is to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, nothing more and nothing less. Trump may well want to consult Vladimir Zhirinovsky about this as well.

Where some think Trump will be like a vintage Jaguar, beautiful on the outside but fought with mechanical reliability problems, I think he’s the Mercedes-Benz about which I spoke earlier, a totally consistent vehicle who will take America where she needs to be.

I sometimes wonder if Trump detractors ever get tired of being wrong. The poet William Blake said that, “If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise”. Trump’s detractors continue to persist, but I’ve yet to see any signs of embryonic wisdom.

If I ever meet one of these dower Trump detractors in the flesh, one thing is certain, I’ll invite them to the races and sit there laughing as they continue to bet on losing horse after losing horse.

Give Trump a chance, he hasn’t even put his golden desk in the Oval Office and you’re already waiting for him to go down in flames. The only thing thus far that has gone down in flames, is the mainstream media….and guess what they said of Trump…

Get it yet?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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