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ALL SMILES: Serial warmonger John McCain gives ringing endorsement to Trump’s aggression (VIDEO)

Announcing the start of his unprovoked, illegal assault on a sovereign nation last night, President Donald Trump spoke in sombre tones, painting a tear-jerking word picture of human suffering worthy of all his predecessors as liar and hypocrite-in-chief.

But there was one man who could barely contain his jubilation at Trump’s decision to choose force: John McCain.

The veteran war provocateur from Arizona spoke to NBC’s Today Show with a beaming grin that betrayed his elation at the recent turn of events:

Addressing the concern of the show’s hosts that the attack might be a “one off” (just to be clear – Today’s hosts were concerned that the violence in Syria might NOT escalate) Sen. McCain quickly assuaged their fears:

I wouldn’t emphasize too much “one off” here, it depends on the reaction of the Syrians – including the Russians… this is the beginning Matt. I think there’s a little too much euphoria here this morning.

Off course, McCain uttered that phrase having barely disguised his own euphoria, covering it with a healthy dose of atrocity propaganda and pinch of Russophobic fear-mongering for good measure.

Sen. McCain then proceeded to spell out in no uncertain terms, that this action by Donald Trump represents the surrender of the anti-globalist “America first” candidate Trump, to a President Trump who has now sold out to the military-security establishment and globalist neo-cons:

It’s a signal that the president of the United States is listening carefully to the best national security team that I’ve seen. […]I think the president responded well. Most importantly to me, is that the president put his trust in the advice and counsel of the strongest national security team that I have observed.

That is a national security team now castrated by the removal of Mike Flynn and the sidelining of Steve Bannon – Trump’s strongest “America first” advisors – leaving only globalist establishment veterans like McMasters, Mattis and Coats to guide Trump’s foreign policy decisions.

One thing is for sure – if John McCain is happy, the world better brace itself, for misery and death in the name of freedom are about to be unleashed.

Donald Trump has alienated millions of his friends and supporters around the world with his kowtowing to the neo-con false flag at Idlib and reversion to an aggressive, American exceptionalist foreign policy.

He’s won a whole new batch of friends in the process – the political establishment.

But as Trump will surely find out, with friends like John McCain, he won’t need many enemies.

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