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Establishment COUNTER-COUP: Syrian chemical false-flag has Trump singing ‘Assad did it’

Three years ago, Syria was declared free of chemical weapons under an agreement proposed by Russia which forestalled an expected attack on Syria led by the United States.

This came after a massive propaganda campaign in western media alleging a devastating sarin gas attack near Ghouta, Syria, which is reported to have killed thousands. The attack was blamed on Syrian president Assad, with the small amount of substantiating evidence provided by Israel.

If the Nobel Committee were truly just and impartial, Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov would have received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for one of the most audacious and successful peacemaking efforts of modern times.

Syria’s government duly declared its entire arsenal, which within the space of a few months, was shipped out of the country and destroyed.

The [last] ship has just left the port,declared Ahmet Uzumcu, head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, on June 23, 2014.

Now here we are, three years later. The Syrian “civil war” (actually a foreign-backed mercenary invasion) is drawing to a close — the Syrian government, with Russian and Iranian help, has liberated Aleppo and is closing in on ISIS’ last stronghold of Raqqa.

And it is at precisely at this moment, on the cusp of victory, that President Assad chooses to launch another pointless chemical attack?

And with what? Did the western media forget Syria had already been declared WMD-free?

The Syrian government had to give up all chemical weapons – but not their terrorist opponents. 

In 2012, i.e. before the Ghouta incident, a Syrian rebel/terrorist commander declared their intention to capture chemical weapons for themselves.

The Washington Post, Associated Press, and others, in slices of their own reports, showed that anti-government forces in Syria have had access to chemical weapons for years.

The neo-con mass media and deep state have utterly disappointed with their total lack of originality. Do they really expect us to buy the same lie twice? (Three times if you count Saddam’s mythical WMDs.)

Not even George W. Bush would be dumb enough to believe this.

But apparently, President Trump believes it.

Whether he really believes Assad carried out the sarin attack or not (if the attack really happened at all), this statement by Donald Trump may represent the end of his efforts to resist the neo-con globalist deep state – at least on the issue of regime change:

I will tell you, it’s already happened, that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.

This comes just days after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared – reflecting Trump’s then policy – that the fate of President Bashar al-Assad was up to the people of Syria to decide. That announcement must have severely irked neo-con regime change proponents.

That’s another great disincentive for Assad to have carried out this attack now – but a great incentive for the CIA, Mossad and their Saudi/Wahabist clients to have carried out a false flag.

Combined with the almost simultaneous sacking of close Trump advisor Steven Bannon from the national security council, an establishment counter-coup may be well underway.

Millions who placed hope in Donald Trump to right the ship of state and bring true change to Washington’s policies are watching his next moves with great apprehension.

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