Donald Trump shares his shame with his former opponents

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Today, Donald Trump has shamed himself, his movement and his nation. But he does not bear this shame singularly. There are others who are puzzle-pieces in this grim jigsaw puzzle.

Almost from the moment that Donald Trump declared his intention to run for President of the United States, he faced a barrage of criticism and almost all of it was for the wrong reasons.

–He was criticised for wanting peace and cooperation with Russia rather than hostility and war.

–He was criticised for saying America first rather than intervention and meddling first.

–He was criticised for being ‘too hard’ on President Obama, even though Obama’s Presidency was an abject disaster.

–He was criticised for his fun, colloquial, frank style, even though it resonated with ordinary voters.

–He was criticised for being un-intellectual, although this hardly makes one a good leader let alone a good person.

–He was criticised for embracing alternative media, even though alternative media is the future.

–He was criticised for being a conservative, even though America has a silent conservative majority.

–He was criticised for having a particularly strident sense of humour, even though many found it amusing and harmless.

What was the effect of these criticism? It served as a distraction from Trump’s former virtues and indeed many of his virtues are listed above, along with frivolous things which do not effect anyone in any meaningful or objective way.

The first and one of the last roles of any government is to protect its people and preserve the peace. This generally involves avoiding unnecessary war at all costs.

Trump has violated these principles, which used to be his principles. But even more grim than this reality is that he is being applauded for doing so by many of the same people who criticised him for calling a fat woman fat, or joking about ‘grabbing pussy’, two ‘scandals’ which will be of no solace to the families of the individuals who died in America’s illegal act of aggression wrought upon Syria, a country which did not, could not and would not threaten America or Americans anywhere.

The Trump protesters who hated his humour and his manner of speech are not filling the streets today. They have no desire to protest the war and people like George Soros are not paying them to do so. When such protesters should be agitated, they have instead become comfortably numb, indifferent or even happy.

The anti-war movement of today is in great part,confined to the people who are less keen to go out in the street than they are to read articles on websites like The Duran and debate others on social media. They are the conservatives, they are the moderates, they are the honest old left, they are those who would vote for an anti-war candidate no matter which party he or she  belonged to.

These are the people who either didn’t care or happily overlooked the nonsense criticisms that the mainstream media and political elite levelled at Trump form the moment he declared his candidacy up untill the moment he attacked a sovereign state.

These are the people, like me, who have real priorities in politics. We want peace and not war, security rather than instability, prosperity rather than poverty. We want nothing more and nothing less.

We have not changed but Donald Trump has. So too have his erstwhile opponents. They are not calling him hateful even though today he is.

They are not calling him a fear-monger, though today he has put fear into the hearts of every Syrian man, woman and child.

They are not calling him a sexist, although he has weakened one of the only armed forces in the world that is heroically fighting terrorists who use women as salves.

They are no longer calling him a racist, though he is now in league with a Turkish dictator who sees Arabs as inferior subjects to be once again ruled over by the Turkish overlord.

The misplaced priorities are what allowed Donald Trump to get away with this atrocity.

He has shut up his opponents who will still oppose him during the next election cycle. But he has lost his friends who would have stood by him, so long as he stood by his principles.

Congratulations Mr. Trump, in the eyes of the elite you claimed to hate, you have officially become the President of the United States. In the eyes of many, if not most of your former supporters, you are no longer an honourable man.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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