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Donald Trump prepares for political war without the help of fellow Republicans

Donald Trump  has taken to social media to express his frustrations over the continued Russiagate fiasco thatcontinues to dominate US headlines.

Trump Tweeted the following,

He also took to Facebook, writing the following defiant message

The US stock market which had previously rallied around Trump’s election and inauguration plummeted as Trump’s opponents continue their attempts to ‘bring down’ the President. This has caused both political and economic instability.

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump’s policies or even the man himself, he is clearly correct when he describes the situation as a “witch hunt”.

Donald Trump has not done anything illegal or untoward. By contrast, James Comey has conducted himself appallingly.

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The fact that the Democratic party as presently comprised is behaving in a manner more suited to the political chaos of 1980s Italy than to 20th century America, should not be a surprise. The scope of their fanaticism and ironically un-democratic behaviour is shocking, but the pettiness of a party still operating under the whip hand of the dirty Clinton machine was all but inevitable.

What is more worrying is the invisibility of Republican leadership. Rather than rallying around their President; a man who helped Republicans clinch both the House of Representatives and the Senate, Republicans seem to be sitting on their hands. Their silence can justifiably be interpreted as a kind of implied support for the Democratic Party’s war on Trump.

When Bill Clinton was impeached by a Republican controlled House of Representatives in late 1998, the Democrats in Washington and their allies in the mainstream media rallied around President Clinton like Praetorian Guardsmen.

It is difficult to imagine the current crop of Republicans rallying to Trump’s support in an hour of need, not least because while impeachment is still unlikely, one Democratic Congressman has all ready called for it.

The Democrats turning red over Russia is madness, but Republican complacency is even worse, it is disloyalty and ingratitude.

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