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BREAKING: ‘Evil, undiplomatic behavior’ – Russia SLAMS the US at UN emergency meeting

Acting Russian Ambassador to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, delivered a scathing indictment on the United States and its allies over the illegal missile strike on Syria.

He rightly accused the United States of violating international law in a totally unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. He was careful to illustrate the difference between the illegal US presence in Syria fighting Salifism with the Kurds vis-a-vis an outright attack on Syrian forces who are doing the lion’s share of the fighting against terrorism. In order words things have gone from uncomfortable to totally unacceptable and totally counter-productive.

He correctly stated that the American war crime of undermines the peace process for Syria as well as stability in the country and wider region.

Most crucially, he criticised the United States for its massacring of civilians in Mosul, something which the US has still not been held accountable for. Why should the US get away with literal murder in Iraq, but the Syrian government should be punished for something it objectively didn’t do and what’s more, before anyone even had a chance to investigate.

Safronkov remarked that the attack was in motion before some members of the Security Council even ‘left the building’ the previous evening.

The Russian envoy had particularly scathing remarks for British envoy to the UN, Matthew Rycroft. Rycrot delivered a downright preposterous speech which said that Russia had been humiliated by the attack. Just how, no one can say. There was simply no logic in the remarks.

Addressing his UK counterpart, Safronkov said,

“Washington, London and Paris are obsessed with the paranoid idea of overthrowing the legitimate government of Syria. This is evidenced by the evil, undiplomatic behaviour and the address by the British ambassador. Mr. Raycroft, stop operating with low-quality, unprofessional arguments and accusations against my country. Once again I warn you, do not even try to quarrel with the Arab world, nothing good will come of it”.

He went on to say that the Arab world’s former colonial masters had no real legitimate credibility when speaking about overthrowing legitimate governments in the Arab world.

Turning back to the US, Safronkov exposed the sheer hypocrisy of the US still debating a political solution for Syria when they’ve clearly embarked on a war.

“We strongly condemn the illegitimate actions by the United States. The consequences of this for regional and international stability could be extremely serious”.

The speech was a solid tour de force that the late Vitaly Churkin would almost certainly have been proud of.

The session of the Security Council was called by Bolivia whose ambassador also offered scathing criticism of America’s illegal action. Sometimes though, a pictures is worth 1,000 words.

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