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Watch Brian Williams call images of US attack on Syria ‘beautiful’ (VIDEO)

Brian Williams has been openly exposed as a purveyor of fake news. He was caught red handed lying about going to Iraq with a Navy SEAL team, but because the mainstream media tend to look after their own, he is still presenting his alternative facts on mainstream NBC/MSNBC news.

Today though, he may well have gone totally over the edge.

When showing video of the illegal missile attack on Syria, Williams called the scene ‘beautiful’.

It has to been seen to be believed:

His pseudo-poetic remarks about the ‘beauty’ of weapons on their ‘brief flight’ is both creepy and perverse. What could be beautiful about an aggressive and unprovoked atrocity on a sovereign state? Even when war is justified, it is still hell, hardly a thing of beauty.

Social media reacted to Williams’ weird comments with scathing criticism.

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