Russian criminologist on the Floyd killing and the truth about Antifa

The first ME report on George Floyd showed NO signs of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation. So, what is going on?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

This is a translation of a newspiece showing on the Russian website, written by a renowned criminologist, Vladimir Semenovich Ovchinsky. It is a must-read, as it offers a perspective completely outside the US media “box” and presents some information which the newsmedia in the United States appears to be suprressing. This piece confirms the point of view we have discussed in earlier pieces concerning the “Floyd” Antifa riots, and it shows that they are not at all about George Floyd, not in any respect.

We offer as direct a translation as possible, with slight editing and reinterpretation for relevance to English-language readers.

If there is anything amiss in this translation, please let us know in comments. 

New article by Vice President of the Union V. S. Ovchinsky
Posted on 06/02/2020 by Igor Mikhailovich Matskevich

Biden militants set America on fire: pseudo-racial war on the eve of US elections

Exactly 5 months remain until the election of the US President. President Trump is clearly showing the advantage – the situation is more or less resolving with the pandemic, the announced lunar program, support and personal presence in the space launch triumph of Elon Musk added a lot of capital to the President’s piggy bank of accomplishments. Additionally advantageous to Mr. Trump is the collected and expected dirt on his rival, Joe Biden. And what does “sleepy Joe” do (Trump gave such a nickname to Biden)? There is only one answer – to wake up and go on the attack. Moreover, both Biden’s campaign headquarters and the Democratic Party as a whole understand the need to “go on the offensive” in the literal sense of the word, having unleashed a race riot, or rather, a pseudo-racial war, in a short time in more than 70 cities in America. Indeed, the protesting African-Americans number no more than a third of these crowds, the rest of the demonstrators are young white Americans.

Why now, after several days after the death of 46 year old black security guard George Floyd, after his lawful detention by the police (after trying to pass counterfeit money), it is possible to speak with a high degree of probability of the coordinating role of the Democrats in the riots? There are several reasons we can do this.

FIRST: An autopsy on George Floyd showed no signs of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation. The autopsy report (published by CNN) said that there were no signs of strangulation, despite a video of a police using Derek Chauvin’s application of pressure with his foot on George Floyd’s neck, which spread around the world and provoked the first protests in Minnesota.

“There is no physical evidence to support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or asphyxiation,” the autopsy said. “Mr. Floyd had underlying health conditions, including coronary heart disease. The cumulative consequences of Mr. Floyd being held back by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system probably contributed to his death.

[The editors intrude to refer the reader to this report from npr that George Floyd initially tested positive for fentanyl and methanphetamine, two very powerful and hallucenogenic drugs that can make their users go physically crazy. He was also afflicted with coronavirus, testing positive for it, though apparently he was not actually sick from it. – ASH]

In simple terms, a drug addict with a criminal record came to the store with a fake banknote. However, it “just so happened” that there were a lot of people who decided to record his arrest on video.

Chauvin, who was fired from the police force along with three colleagues the day after this fatal incident on Monday, was arrested on charges of third-degree murder and manslaughter for his role in Floyd’s death.

Minneapolis, MN, Mayor Jacob Frey, speaking on the death of George Floyd.

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” a provocative statement made at a press conference immediately after the event by [Minneapolis] Mayor Jacob Frey.

A few days after the autopsy and the first examination, the Democrats obtained a second examination of Floyd’s death and on June 2 (!!) received the long-awaited conclusion about death as a result of mechanical asphyxiation.

Unprecedented manipulation and political pressure.

SECOND: Now let’s move on to the video which was widely published on social networks. An unknown person is hammering shop windows on Minnesota street. It looks quite like an African American.

He is carefully hidden by long black gloves, dressed in all black, has a black protective mask on his face. However, later it is possible to consider that this person is white, who, seeing that he is being filmed, pounces on the person who got him on video on their phone. Another man with a light complexion indicates to him that another number of windows must be broken. His actions are filmed by another white woman. It is possible that she submits a direct report onto the social networks, warming up the audience.

There are other characters on the video, for example, a young man in a white T-shirt, who allegedly runs away from the scene at the beginning of the video, but at the end of the video we see him in the parking lot, where he is clearly waiting for the man in the black attire who was hitting the glass.

All this is a staged action aimed at getting the maximum number of people possible on the streets. Its planners [authors] and actors [performers] are members of the Antifa movement.

It should be recalled that Minneapolis Mayor Frey is a member of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party, which he represented on the Minneapolis City Council from 2013 until his election as mayor.

Recently, it has become clear that most African Americans are ready to vote for President Trump in the presidential election. This does not fit into the plans of the Democratic Party.

It also looks strange that the mayor’s decision to automatically assume the guilt of the police and fire  them, instead of suspending them from their posts until the end of the investigation.

The mayor’s finger directly points to the police as the culprits and thereby raises a wave of riots that have since spread throughout America, and are clearly controlled from some central authority.

Antifa – the organizer of the riots?

Speaking at Kennedy Space Center on May 30, 2020, President Donald Trump said that the “violence and vandalism” observed throughout the country is “led by Antifa and other radical leftist groups that terrorize the innocent, destroy jobs, damage businesses and set fire to buildings.” National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien echoed CNN’s Trump statement on the morning of May 31: “[the] violence is traceable to the Antifa movement.”

President Donald Trump said the United States will include the Antifa movement on the list of terrorist organizations.

FBI counterterrorism units will investigate violence from Antifa and other groups, said Attorney General William Barr, head of the US Department of Justice.

“In order to identify criminal organizers and instigators, as well as to coordinate federal resources with our partners at the state and local levels, federal law enforcement agencies use the existing network of 56 regional terrorism working groups,” Barra said in a statement.

“The violence incited and perpetrated by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the riots is internal terrorism, and we will act accordingly,” assured Barr.

Since 2016, the FBI has warned local authorities of violence, Antifa and its growing criminal manifestations, and the New Jersey State Department of Homeland Security had already defined Antifa an internal terrorist group.

What is this organization?

Antifa (short for “Anti-Fascist Action”), sometimes known as ARA (short for “Anti-Racist Action”), is the militant force of leftist movements, causing violence and unrest in the streets of America and Europe. Despite its name, the Antifa movement is composed of intolerant hate groups that use fascist tactics and direct quotes from Adolf Hitler.

The modern incarnation of Antifa was formed in 1988 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as in Toronto, Canada, to allegedly counter white supremacists and neo-Nazis, which consisted of no more than a few dozen members in these cities. So it is no coincidence that it was with Minnesota that the orgy of the pogroms organized by Antifa began now.

And it is no coincidence that the deputy chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison, and now the Attorney General of Minnesota, has always patronized the members of Antifa. [Ellison, a Muslim, has long been known in the US as a radical left-wing Democrat. – Ed.]

Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party, and now the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Jeremiah Ellison, Keith Ellison’s son, announced on May 31, 2020 his support for Antifa after President Trump announced that his administration would declare it a “terrorist organization.”

How is this group organized?

According to M. Tiesta, the author of the manifesto “Militant Antifascism: One Hundred Years of Resistance”, there are three main types of members of Antifa:

Activists – prioritize the use of violence to achieve their goals;

“Ambassadors” [The original text is translated ‘liberal’ but the function is more clear this way – Ed.] – priorities on creating political ties, good media coverage and the goal of legitimizing Antifa in the eyes of the public;

Legislators – using their position to call on the state to ban fascist (far right) groups, (but is widely rejected in the United States because it is seen as a pretext for the ban and extreme left groups.)

Antifa does not support the First Amendment to the US Constitution and freedom of speech, as evidenced by the foiled speeches of planned conservative speakers on campuses. Its members chanted support for the destruction of the United States along with all national borders.

The Activists

The Antifa Militants Federation in the USA is called the Torch Antifa Network. Affiliates of the Torch Network include: Rocky Mountain Antifa, Atlanta Antifascists, Seven Hills Antifa, Sacramento Antifa, Western North Carolina Antifa, Pacific Northwest Antifascist Work Team, Northern ARA California and ARA Central California, et al.

Antifa militants dress in all black, wear black masks to hide their identities, and try to disrupt rallies that are held in support of President Trump. They participate in various cowardly and criminal actions against unsuspecting people, using pepper spray cans and bicycle locks to attack, throw stones, bricks, bottles, cans filled with cement, soda cans, balloons with waste, feces and urine.

During a major protest in August 2018 in Washington, DC, Antifa members attacked the police, as well as outside observers, including journalists from leading media outlets. They also carried signs promoting violence against people whose ideas they oppose, and many of them called for the assassination of the president.

In 2019, Antifa activists were caught working with Mexican drug cartels and migrant caravan activists to create an armed conflict on the US-Mexico border.

Some practitioners of occultism who support leftist politics call themselves “witches of Antifa.”

Antifa “Ambassadors” [Public Relations Unit]

Antifa in the USA has several key sources for news, organization, and propaganda.

This is It’s Going Down News (IGDN) – the most popular online Antifa news, idea and resource center in the USA. Their website claims to provide “News and Analysis of Revolutionary Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Autonomous Anti-Capitalist Movements in So-called North America.” The reporting of news from the point of view of anarchists and Antifa is their main focus. IGDN also provides a platform for Antifa’s team and individuals.

Unicorn Riot is a collective of journalists and activists with a revolutionary left-wing perspective. They publish news and analysis and are closely related to IGDN. For example, Unicorn Riot has 45 posts on the IGDN website, and this cross-pollination of articles and resources ensures that their common anarchist and militant antifa and activist ideologies reach a wide audience.

As already mentioned, the Torch Network is a network of militant anti-fascists throughout the United States. While their main focus is on organizing and coordinating the joint activities of the Militant Antifa groups, they also share resources for organizing Antifa on their website. Both they and IGDN published surprisingly similar practical guides and resources for creating Antifa groups with detailed tips on weapons and self-defense training.

Back in June 2017, the Antifa website encouraged physical violence against Trump supporters and holders of conservative views.

Many liberal media applaud the position of Antifa, since they are consistent with their agenda, they have not taken a strong and clear position against the violence of Antifa.

Facebook allows Antifa to have its own support page. [The title of this page is It’s Going Down – Ed.]

Politicians in the US Democratic Party refuse to condemn their actions. There was no condemnation of this group or its actions from California Governor Jerry Brown. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arregin (having ties to the far left anarchist group “By Any Necessary Means”) illegally ordered the city’s police department to resign while Antifa’s violence unfolded, causing a split between Berkeley police and Arregin. Similarly, Michael Signer, the mayor of Democrats in Charlottesville, Virginia, illegally ordered the police to cease law enforcement in order to allow Antifa to enter into a brutal melee with neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups.

Numerous liberals, such as Dartmouth professor Mark Bray, have described Antifa’s violence as a “positive thing,” regarding it as necessary for the greater good of “fighting the extreme right.”

House Democrats leader Nancy Pelosi first condemned Antifa’s violence only in August 2017.

In October 2018, the Democrat mayor of Portland allowed Antifa to block traffic and pursue drivers, as well as block police intervention.

Antifa received great support from Big Tech in Silicon Valley, which covered them, allowing Antifa groups to openly post messages, call for violence against conservative opponents, while illegally silencing conservatives and depriving them of their rights by censoring and deleting messages, suspending or disable social media accounts of famous conservatives who opposed Antifa’s violence and crime.

Who is financing Antifa?

From the very first days of the current riots in America, right-wing leaders have declared that these pogroms are financed by billionaire George Soros. Democrats and liberals, of course, immediately accused them of anti-Semitism, saying that such allegations were groundless. In fact, there are grounds for such assumptions. They are contained in the recent past. According to the American Capital Research Center, Soros since 2004 through the Open Society Institute has acted as a financial sponsor of Antifa groups in the United States, periodically transferring relatively small amounts of $50 thousand dollars to certain of them for specific shares. These transfers were conducted through a structure called the Global Justice Alliance (AFGJ). During the 2016 presidential election, these payments have been increased for protests against Trump in support of Hillary Clinton. After Donald Trump won the election, Antifa was paid for the promotion and promotion of the slogan on their websites – “This is Fascism: Expel the Trump / Pence regime!” [The precise English used may be different; this is translated from Russian, and this exact text turned up nothing in searches. – Ed.]

Then, in 2017, an incident occurred when Soros received numerous accusations on the network that he “discarded” Antifa and did not pay for a number of its actions. Regarding the current situation, there is no specific information on the transfer of money to Antifa. Perhaps the riot coordinators created a completely different channel, given that Soros was highly compromised.

When we talk about the “Biden militants,” we naturally do not mean the presidential candidate himself, who personally leads the uprising. We are talking about a whole network of coordinators and militants (hired by the Democratic Party and those who stand behind them), connected into a single virtual and real network, aiming at the cost of a severe power confrontation to wrest the victory in this fall’s election away from Donald Trump.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Olivia Kroth
June 5, 2020

A very good article. May I add that George Floyd had also tested COVID-19 positive, in April. In other words, his lungs were damaged. He should not have worked as a “bouncer” in a public place anyay, in his health condition. The minimum, he should have worn a face mask, so as not to infect others. He could not breathe because his lungs were damaged, and the knee pressure on his neck gave him the rest. This is something no autopsy will tell us, however, because the case of George Floyd was constructed to start a civil war in the… Read more »

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
June 6, 2020

testing positive does not mean there is any damage. He may have been asymptomatic. No symptoms = no damage. Even if he had a more severe form that does not mean his lungs were damaged. Look at Boris Johnson, pretty fit again and he was severe enough of a case that his family was advised to make preparations for the worst possible outcome. Also, if he was positive in April, there would no longer be any virus to shed by June. Meaning he was no longer infectious. The test may have also been an anti-body test [most likely]. Once anti-bodies… Read more »

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
June 6, 2020

There is no healthcare in the U.S. for a large number of the population especially blacks and poor whites so people do things they “should not have” done to survive.

Olivia Kroth
June 5, 2020

A very good article. May I add that George Floyd had also tested COVID-19 positive, in April. In other words, his lungs were damaged. He should not have worked as a “bouncer” in a public place anyway, in his health condition. The minimum, he should have worn a face mask, so as not to infect others. He could not breathe because his lungs were damaged, and the knee pressure on his neck gave him the rest. This is something no autopsy will tell us, however, because the case of George Floyd was constructed to start a civil war in the… Read more »

June 5, 2020

I can not help, but wonder, why do you keep calling them “leftists”?In what way are they leftists?Are we to conclude, that George Soros is a leftist, or even a communist?

June 5, 2020

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” a provocative statement made at a press conference immediately after the event by [Minneapolis] Mayor Jacob Frey.

Seraphim, dude, your whole article is WAY more provocative. Sorry, but there’s no defending racist scum like Derek Chauvin. Unless you’re racist scum yourself!

Reply to  Tim
June 6, 2020

it is a translation, of an article by another author. Very first sentence in this post.   Btw, how does calling that statement provocative automatically make someone a racist scum? Author or not…   I am defending that it is indeed a provocative statement and I am also defending that it is true at the same time. Both are not exclusive of each other.   The interesting point though that the press never addresses is the firing of these four officers. Meaning that NO internal police investigation regarding their conduct would ever take place that would ultimately lead to recommendations… Read more »

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
Reply to  Tim
June 6, 2020

Not much news about the unarmed disabled Palestinian man shot dead by the Israeli police.

William H Warrick III MD
William H Warrick III MD
June 5, 2020

Neither Autopsy came to the correct Cause of Death. The Actual cause was “Prolonged Carotid Artery Compression leading to Irreversible Asystole and Death. His Heart stopped beating in about a minute due to prolonged Carotid Compression which continued for 7 more minutes. The Drugs were immaterial in his Death. Both of them worked for the same employer who was running a small bill Counter fitting operation and he had one of the $20 bills. He was handcuffed and face-down and was not out of control.

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
June 6, 2020

While I am not an American citizen , I will still ask the question , why do your citizens not shoot any terrorist activity that happens during protests ? Surely your citizens want to keep your country free of terror ?, especially after what happened at 911.Have you no pride in your own country ?

Reply to  Rick Oliver
June 6, 2020

It is similar to Ukraine Maidan. Those who start to protect homes and businesses are arrested and prosecuted. Those who riot are arrested and released. The message is clear.

June 6, 2020

WORLD CONQUEST THROUGH WORLD JEWISH GOVERNMENT THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION Notes II – The Symbolic Snake of Judaism.   Protocol III opens with a reference to the Symbolic Snake of Judaism. In his Epilogue to the 1905 Edition of the Protocols, Nilus gives the following interesting account of this symbol:   “According to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men already, in 929 B.C., thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion. As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and… Read more »

June 6, 2020

And then there’s this:
The George Floyd Show
comment image




Think Floyd

comment imagecomment image

Christopher SpiveyLet’s talk some more about Covid-19.
Only joking, in fact I would imagine that you are as fed up as me about that old fanny, so luckily enough we have a new red-flag event to look at… I am of course talking about ‘the killing of Georgie’
However, before I start I will remind you that all of these fake ‘happenings’ are shrouded in “conspiracy theories”, started by the perpetrators themselves in order to lead anyone looking too closely at the event away from the trail of truth… Understand?
Of course you fucking do.
Moreover, the ‘official’ narratives of any red flag fraud always have conflicting reports on the event which makes it harder still for anyone looking into the case to find out the real truth.
So let’s start with the initial arrest of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police .
And straight away there are conflicting reports as to why Floyd was arrested.
I mean, nearly a week after the incident happened, no cunt still seems to know exactly what crime was committed although the general consensus is that Floyd tried to buy goods with a counterfeit $20 bill:
It began with a report of a fake $20 (£16.20) bill.
A report was made on the evening of 25 May, when Mr Floyd bought a pack of cigarettes from Cup Foods, a grocery store.
Believing the $20 bill he used to be counterfeit, a store employee reported it to police… Source
However, according to the scum newspaper, Floyd was arrested for Cheque Fraud:
That day officers responded to a call from a grocery store that claimed Mr Floyd had used a forged cheque.
In a statement released by the Minneapolis Police Department, the officers were responding to a report of a “forgery in progress… Source
Nevertheless, the fake $20 Dollar bill seems to be a more likely scenario since no one tries to commit cheque fraud in shops these days.
Which brings us to the 2nd anomaly. You see, having made his purchase, Floyd then casually walked across the road to his car, where he sat calmly until the police arrived… Which is strange, because the normal reaction after someone has committed a crime is to get the fuck out of the area ASAP.
Stranger still, is the fact that the police turned up at all, never mind so promptly just for the sake of a forged banknote!

June 6, 2020

Where does the Black Bloc fit into all this? The reason for my question is they seem to be hovering around these demonstrations wearing a lot of the same clothes (boots, etc) as the police and other armed authorities. It is clear they are separate from Antifa but their tactics seem to encourage timed escalations of police violence.

Tony Sustak
Tony Sustak
June 6, 2020

This author has written some useful articles, but this is not one. That Floyd wasn’t “squeaky clean”, does not change the fact that his death was murder.   I reject the characterization of Antifa as “leftist”. Left of what? How is it “leftist” to set some working stiffs Nissan Sentra (low prestige car bought for transportation) on fire? How is it “leftist” to break the windows out of and or loot the shop of some small merchant who, though being a shop owner, really is another worker, putting in long hours and having all the same grievances as a worker… Read more »

June 7, 2020

Interesting article and to the point: George Soros uses Antifa to realize his project of a one-world government by the oligarchs of the world, but mostly the USA. Antifa’s fascism has to be seen in that light: hence their desire to destroy the US government, oust Trump, destroy the police to make the destruction feasible and destroy the US – as a nation with borders, to make it the world. Hence also the widespread groups affiliated with Antifa to expand this fascist destruction of nation states to make room for Soros’ new world order in which populations are governed by… Read more »

US wants to resume nuclear tests

Global Times Op-Ed: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” Before China Surpasses US In National Strength