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Rudy Giuliani gives us significant information about the election crisis [Video]

The News Media Blackout has done great damage to the ability of average Americans (and even news junkies like myself) to get real and useful information about what is going on. In this fiercely contested election of 2020, President Trump has still not conceded defeat, and he still seems to believe that there is a way to pull a victory out of the jaws of a fraud-ridden defeat.

Yes, there is fraud. The MSM is working really hard to say that there isn’t, but they are simply lying. There is no conspiracy at play in my claim. There are instead a great number of facts and information.

Why doesn’t the average American know about this? Why do many Trump supporters not know about this? The answer is very simple and it has only partly to do with the blackout.

For decades, the American people have been accustomed to getting the whole world in no more than 42 minutes per day. 42 minutes is the average broadcast time of many one-hour news broadcast time slots. That one hour is often broken into two thirty-minute – ooops – 21 minute – bites (heavily paid for by commercials). There is not much time to discuss anything complex. The press is also biased – hating Mr. Trump for any reason and for no reason at all, other than that everybody else in the field hates him, so I will just go along, not knowing or caring to know why.

These two factors combine to produce a perfect storm of denial, discouragement and a great platform for the media to do a full-court press on all the American people, to get them to give up and despair that Trump is simply not going to be in the White House for a second term on January 20th. Period. Nancy Pelosi said so. Hillary Clinton said so. Chuck Schumer implied it. Many other Democrats and not a few Republicans have also said or agreed, loudly and silently, with this very decided effort to push the man out and replace him with an aging flunkie who cannot put his sentences together much of the time, but who is nevertheless an easy pushover for all causes leftist, since he is one himself.

The antidote for this lack of information is simple: We have to sit down and watch longer programs; we have to read longer explanations, and we have to really acquaint ourselves with what the reality of this situation with the election actually is. There really is no way around this. The trolls on the ‘Net and their analogues under the stage lights are very glib with one-liners, but, seriously – it is not possible to explain how to get to the moon with a one-liner. It is not possible to gain a university education in Computer Engineering with one-liners. It is not possible to explain how to cure COVID-19 with a one-liner. And, it is not possible to explain the election fraud with a one-liner.

This. simply. cannot. be. done.

This means we have to study, to listen, to learn and to think for ourselves. This, in a time where almost all of us have been conditioned to impatience, to instant gratification, and to not having to think critically for themselves.

This is the biggest difference between the liberals and the Trump supporters. Most of the Trump supporters are intellectually articulate and can easily state their case for why they support the man, and they also can state their case for why they understand that this election that just happened was deliberately compromised and fraudulent.

Liberals cannot articulate their position; they only shout down the conservatives with their one-liners and anger. Over and over through history such people have torn down good kingdoms and governments, replacing them with tremendously fickle and yet powerful leaders that are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. One-liners have a lot of incendiary power, do they not?

We present Rudy Giuliani’s podcast video filmed December 26th, concerning the election. He takes the time to explain the situation we face. It takes time for us to listen to him, but we who love our nation as she was founded need to listen. Conservative one-liners do not ever work as well as liberal one-liners, because we are too intellectually honest to give ourselves to pure passion and rage like their side does. Whether that is genetic, inherited or “formed”, I do not know. I do know I was very liberal once. In some ways perhaps I still am, but I am also one of these people who have come to a conservative point of view through experience and hard, honest reflection. I would never be able to win a shouting match with a liberal. But I know my side’s intellectual argument, which eventually, must take the day.

Hopefully Mayor Giulianis’ program gives us a push in that direction – the right direction.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

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Simple Truths Matter
Simple Truths Matter
December 29, 2020

“Most of the Trump supporters are intellectually articulate and can easily state their case for why they support the man”

I stopped reading at that point. You’re lucky if you can fit 5% of the entire voting public into that box.

j t
j t
December 30, 2020
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If it truly is that easy to block justice, as the criminals in Michigan, for example, are doing, then this country is done. How can this be? Who has the authority to make these political criminals do what is right…what they should do? Who? Then have them do it.

Last edited 4 months ago by j t
Tiberius Pantera
Tiberius Pantera
December 30, 2020

Donny Jim Jones Trump the insane despot orders you to drink the koolaid. Its effervescent for all his percipient acolytes.

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
Reply to  Tiberius Pantera
December 30, 2020

And the sleezy sleepy hair sniffing Joe’s koolaid: has and will benefit humanity? Voted for most wars and still retains an avuncular uncle persona.

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
December 30, 2020

I actually don’t care who becomes president because nothing will change, but as a person who believes in justice, (no I don’t mean the sort that Lawyers and Judges deal in) But I would be interested in an investigation – because something did go on in that election and it wasn’t at all above board.

St. Longinus
St. Longinus
January 1, 2021

Giuliani names Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh as people delivering truth? Ahahahahaha. Give me a break, please. What manure. As for voting, if it made any difference to the direction the controllers want to take YOU, you wouldn’t be permitted to vote. BUT, that is the ONLY thing you’re permitted to do. Listen to Legal Man @ USLawReview. You can follow him on ‘twister’ but he also has his own podcast and I HIGHLY recommend people go there for a real education on our situation. That is if you are actually interested in truth rather than manure.

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