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Elijah Schaffer calls out the Democrats for what they are [Video]

Short video shows Left leader’s whining about one representative wanting to debate another one.

This video says everything about our present state of the nation in just a few minutes:

This is well worth watching because it shows the mentality of woke whiny liberals such as Representative Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House, and her name calling. She accuses Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene of “assault” on poor little Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (incidentally, also a problem for Pelosi, but on her “side”, ideologically).

This is good reporting, but at [02:22], Schaffer makes news himself. He says the following:

They want globalist, Satanic (I am not even joking!), globalist, satanic and anti-religious; they want to kill your babies in your womb; they don’t want you to have your religion; they want to call you a bigot for following the Bible, and they don’t want you to keep your hard-earned money. That’s the world they want!

And we can’t let them have it.

There it is, short and sweet and utterly true. This present push by globalist forces is apparently full of rage, as some of the most specific measures in Joe Hologram’s “executive orders” directly attack the United States and her history and culture.

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Donald Duck
Donald Duck
May 17, 2021

Some strange – or at least unexpected – alliances are, as a result of the Woke counter-revolution, beginning to form. As an independent socialist and foreign policy realist, I find myself in agreement with Libertarians and Conservatives of various stripes. I find myself listening and agreeing with much of what people like Peter Schiff and Richard Wolff are saying. What we are faced with is in fact a coup by the Wokeist, neo-liberals and globalists – George Soros, Klaus Schwab et al. It should be understood that their proposed system, even if you agree with it, can never work. It… Read more »

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