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Real fascists march in Latvia while MSM targets Le Pen and Wilders (VIDEO)

Fascism is the wicked ideology that brought the world closer to collapse than any other in modern history. The blood of nearly 30 million Soviet soldiers is a testament to this harrowing struggle. The decades of peace that ensued in Europe and the Soviet Union after the 9th of May 1945, stands as a vindication of the anti-fascist post-war policies instigated by the USSR.

Post-Soviet Europe has seen the frightening trend of a re-emergence of fascism, something the Soviet government warned its western counterparts about as early as 1945.

Sadly, in much of Europe, the word fascism is totally misused. Marine Le Pen is a classic civic nationalist, not a fascist. Geert Wilders is certainly an anti-Muslim bigot, but in no way is the man who is a kind of liberal on steroids, a fascist. He hates Islam because he feels it is incompatible with liberalism. In this sense he is correct, but so too is Christianity, which demonstrates why so many Christians feel marginalised and open to abuse in so-called ‘free’ liberal societies.

All of this serves as a distraction from where real fascism is in Europe. The junta regime in Kiev is an openly fascist regime, but even inside EU borders, one sees fascism, literally on the march.

Latvia has recently held a march paying tribute to Latvians who fought in Hitler’s Waffen SS.

It beggars belief that many Europeans assign the label of ‘fascism’ to any somewhat controversial politician whilst failing to even recognise actual fascism when it is out in the open.

The trend is disturbing and this is especially true in the context of NATO tanks, including German tanks, stationed in the Baltic states on the border with Russia.

It comes at a time when Latvian leaders are attempting to run the Russian language out of public discourse in spite of a sizeable, indigenous ethnic Russian population.

It is hard to take so-called anti-fascist politicians in the west seriously when they ignore fascism whilst assigning the word to things that are not fascist, therefore devaluing an important epithet.

It comes as the US perpetually rejects Russian sponsored UN Resolutions condemning the glorification of Nazism. The only other country to join the US in this year after year is predictably, Ukraine, which itself would stand to be condemned for glorifying Nazi collaborators like Stepan Bandera.

The moral bankruptcy of western leaders on this issue is disgusting.

When many said that Soviet worries about the re-emergence of fascism in Europe was nothing but communist propaganda, it seems that this was not the case. One needn’t be a communist to realise this nor be a communist to be an anti-fascist. I am a conservative, but I find fascism to be more abhorrent than any ideology in history. Anyone who agrees ought to remember the lessons of the 9th of May 1945 and not allow them to be forgotten by complacent western leaders.

Now watch a Soviet cartoon which eerily predicted the realities of rising European fascism when Soviet style communism was removed from the continent. 

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