‘Islamophobia’ is a fake piece of lexicon used to sell fake news

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For nearly 20 years, the term Islamophobia has been an omnipresent term in the western lexicon. The term is generally used to imply non-Muslims of various European ethnic backgrounds having a profound fear of Islam and Muslims.

But just as there is fake news, there is also a fake lexicon to accompany it. The entire notion of Islamophobia as defined and intellectually proliferated in the west, even by those who do not hate anything about Islam, is a dangerous canard.

Every religion has its extremists and for decades, some would say longer, western imperial powers have been funding radial political Islamist groups whether it be Britain’s help to establish the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928 or Britain’s assistance of extremist Wahhabist The House of Saud in their war against Britain’s former ally, The Hashemites, in the Hejaz in 1924.

More recently, such trends have manifested themselves in the form of Obama’s support for jihadist¹ proxies against secular, modern Arab states including Syria and Libya. America and Britain have also been supporting and excusing Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

The hell that political Islam has reigned on the civilised Arab and wider Muslim world has been devastating. Nasserists and Ba’athist states and in the case of Libya, a state subscribing to the socialist Third International Theory, have been devastated by the backward, violent, sectarian, hateful plague of political Islam.

The Wahhabist sect of Islam which was formed as recently as the 18th century, bears little resemblance to the kind of mainstream, modern Islam that the vast majority of Sunni Muslims embrace. It has no connection whatsoever to Shi’a Islam which is why Wahhabist have a particular hatred of Shi’a Muslim countries like Iran or the Alawite Shi’a family of Bashar al-Assad.

In the western states that helped cement the political power and influence of Wahhabism over parts of the Arab world in the 20th and 21st centuries, there is a totally false dialogue currently being conducted, albeit in fits and starts, about Islam.

In the west, one views from a population of people in the west who are frightened to death of jihadist extremism and in actual fact, they have every right to be afraid.

Wahhabist inspired jihadist extremism is dangerous, evil and frightening. At least most people in the west only have a theoretical apprehension about Wahhabist inspired terrorism. For people in Syria (to name just one country) it is more than that, it is a daily occurrence and has been since the western backed terrorists began destabilising the secular Ba’athist Syrian Arab Republic in 2011.

Inversely, one sees multi-culturalist agitators in the west say that the fear of jihad is related to the hatred of Muslims and therefore bigoted or irrational. This is patently illogical.

If those who have the most to fear from Wahhabist jihadists, those who have suffered the most from it and those who have lost their countries to it are primarily Muslims, then how can it be logical for a hatred or fear of jihad to be anti-Muslim when the majority of Muslims living in Muslim majority states hate the exact same thing?

It’s part of a wider propaganda move on the part of mainstream media designed to divide, confuse, enrage and conquer the opinions of ordinary people. It is mass-media brainwashing in the most Orwellian sense.

If the MSM paint all Muslims as Wahhabist style terrorists, including ironically, the vehemently anti-Wahhabist Shi’a Muslims in the Islamic Republic of Iran and then two minutes later calls someone Islamophobic for being frightened of Muslims, the contradictions and downright lies of the MSM are instantly exposed.

But why do they do it? They do it because it helps to suppress debates on how western policies have created a living hell for innocent Muslim and indeed Christian people in the Middle East and beyond.

Western propagandists have been able to use the word Islamophobia to escape scrutiny by painting all those who oppose jihadism as bigoted, when in reality they are merely misinformed and moreover, misinformed by the same MSM casting stones at them.

If the mainstream media had any courage at all, they would act like real journalists and explain that those chanting against Islam (as falsely defined by the MSM) and those in countries like Syria sacrificing their sons in the war against Wahhabist jihad, are actually on the same page. They both oppose the same thing; violent jihad. They both want their countries to be free of foreign and foreign inspired violence.

The  people in the west who thoroughly hate Muslims are the mainstream media pundits who slander their own misinformed populations while glorifying groups like the White Helmets who are complicit in causing pain and misery to ordinary Muslims.

¹ The correct term for jihadists is mujahideen, but in this article jihadist is used in the generally accepted sense. 


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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