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BREAKING: Syria shoots down Israel jet after IDF fires at Palmyra

For the third time in three months, Israeli war planes have illegally bombed Syria. According to Syria, the Israeli jets targeted government positions in Palmyra, which was recently liberated from ISIS by the Syrian Arab Army along with Russian Aerospace Forces and Russian special forces.

Syria has given the following statement about the latest Israel attack on Syrian sovereignty,

“Our anti-aircraft systems reacted and shot down one of the planes in the occupied territories. Another plane was also hit, the rest flew away”.

However, Israel has released a conflicting statement, claiming that none of its jets were hit by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.

The attack represents not only an attack on Syrian sovereignty but an attack on Russia’s most important ally in the Arab world.

UPDATE: I am told from personal sources inside Syria that the jet was shot down over the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

This latest update has now been verified by Sputnik. 

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