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Fascist Ukrainian regime bans Victory Day and Immortal Regiment

In two days, on the 9th of May, Russians throughout the world and others who commemorate the defeat of fascism in 1945 will celebrate Victory Day.

However, Victory Day has been effectively banned in Ukraine, a former Soviet Republic that once celebrated on the 9th of May along with Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Serbia and others.

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Now though, Ukraine has effectively banned the wearing of the black and orange Ribbon of St. George the internationally recognised symbol of Victory Day.

BARRICADNAYA METRO STATION, MOSCOW, RUSSIA - 2015/03/07: A pro government lady wearing the St. George ribbon argues with anti war activists. - A group of Anti-War in Ukraine activists held a rally near Barricadnaya Metro station to voice their view about the Russian government's policy over the current conflict in Ukraine. They were later outnumbered by pro-government protester. (Photo by Geovien So/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Ukraine also plans to arrest members of the Immortal Regime, a silent march of citizens holding photos of loved ones who fought in the Great Patriotic War (Second World War).

The Ukrainian authorities who banned Victory Day as a holiday shortly after the illegal coup of 2014 are now set to arrest individuals who commemorate the day at private and local memorials to veterans of the most deadly war in human history.

The increasingly foolish Ukrainian regime has further said that the Ribbon of St. George is a communist symbol. This is a total lie. The Ribbon was first introduced to Russia in 1769, long before Karl Marx was even born. It has become a symbol deeply associated with the victory over fascism only in post-Soviet times.

In recent years, disgusting episodes of veterans  being attacked by neo-Nazis have become an increasingly common occurrence.

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By contrast, the Kiev regime sponsors celebrations of Ukrainian Nazis like Stepan Bandera.

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