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The Duran is building a Digital Immortal Regiment -send your WWII ancestor photos

In recent years, Russian cities and increasingly, cities around the globe have held a march of The Immortal Regiment on the 9th of May.

The Immortal Regiment consists of people of all ages carrying photos of loved ones and comrades who fought in, died in and in some cases lived through the Great Patriotic War, as the Second World War is called in Russia.

immortal regIt is a sombre and deeply moving event as no one in Russia and for that matter hardly any Russians anywhere in the world were not related to someone or knew someone who was in the war.

Many heroic veterans are still alive but as the 21st century wears on, this reality is rapidly changing.

In the spirit of Victory Day, The Duran invites you to submit your own digitised photos of your loved ones, comrades or friends who fought in the war. 

Because of the international nature of our readership, we invite you to submit pictures of those close to you from any allied country during the war. After all, it was a unique moment in history when the civilised world united against a common fascist enemy.

The generation who fought the war holds a special place in the hearts of millions. Nowhere is the end of the war commemorated more profoundly than in Russia. Russia’s sacrifice in the war was supreme and this is why Russians today have an understanding of the true price of war that has been passed on through multiple generations.

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To submit your photo please send The Duran a private message/direct message on our Facebook or Twitter pages. In addition to photos, feel free to include names, country served or other details you wish you share.

The full Digital Immortal Regiment will be published in The Duran on the 9th of May.

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