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Radicalised lesbian threatens Russian Ambassador to USA

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An individual in the United States called Amy Siskind who runs a group called The New Agenda which concerns itself with feminist and homosexual agitation has sent out a deeply disturbing Tweet alluding to threats against Russia’s Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, a man who has served in his position with great distinction and honour since 2008.

The Tweet which has not been deleted is reproduced below.

The same individual also Tweeting the following.

It is not clear if Miss. Siskind has direct knowledge of a threat posed to Ambassador Kislyak or plans to orchestrate an act of violence. It is equally unclear whether the threatening remarks are just a symptom of wishful thinking from an violent or insane individual.

What is known is that between the election of Donald Trump on 8 November 2016 and the 20th of February, the one month anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, 7 Russian diplomats and officials died, all of them in mysterious circumstances.

As The Duran Reported in March,

“Since the 8th of November, when Donald Trump was elected, no fewer than seven Russian officials of prominence have died.

Here’s who they are:

(1)8 November: Sergei Krivov – Russian diplomat found dead in New York. The cause of his death is not yet known.

(2)19 December: Petr Polshikov – high-ranking diplomat shot dead in Moscow flat, just hours before the more dramatic killing of Russia’s Turkish Ambassador Andrey Karlov.

(3)19 December: Andrey Karlov – Russian Ambassador to Turkey who helped restore Russo-Turkish relations assassinated by an un-uniformed  Turkish policeman proclaiming loyalty to the terrorists who had been operating in Aleppo prior to its joint liberation.

(4)26 December: Oleg Erovinkin – former KGB officer found dead in the back of his car. Western media alleged that Mr. Erovinkin was responsible for passing the strange and incredible so-called ‘Trump Dossier’ either directly to, or to a colleague of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

(5)9 January: Andrey Malanin – a Senior Russian Diplomat to Greece was found dead in his bathroom. The causes of death remain unknown.

(6)26 January: Alexander Kadakin – Russia’s Ambassador to Indiaan always prestigious role, died of a heart attack, although no one was aware of any previous health issues.

(7)Feb 20: Vitaly Churkin – Russia’s Ambassador to the UN collapses in New York. The cause of death remains a heart attack.

Even if US and general western-Russian relations were calm and normal, this strange pattern would still raise eyebrows. The fact that relations are at their lowest since the Cold War makes it deeply important to question what is actually going on.

Not a day goes by without Russia being talking about, almost always negatively in the western media and in western halls of government.

The Democratic Party, members of the Republican party (McCain/Graham), mainstream media and figures in the US deep state, including the intelligence community, are attempting time and again to use any Trump administration connection with Russia to discredit the President.

Furthermore, far from being people of little significance, each of the diseased has played a role in shaping the multi-polar world order in which Russia is taking the lead. The US meanwhile has fallen behind, first because of the undiplomatic nature of Obama style diplomacy, and now because of the political civil war transpiring in Washington D.C.

Is someone trying to provoke Russia?

Is someone trying to weaken Russia by killing off some of its most important officials?

Is someone trying to send a message to Donald Trump that Russian connections (which he manifestly does not have) are dangerous?”

Since the one month anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, this strange trend of many key Russian officials all dying within three months of each other has ended. There is still no way to confirm if, how or why the aforementioned series of deaths are related and who might be responsible if they are.

What is clear is that in light of these recent, tragic and mysterious deaths, it is no laughing matter for anyone to issue the kind of threatening at worse or perverse at best statements which Miss. Siskind has brazenly issued.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman  Maria Zakharova responded to the remarks from Miss. Siskind in the following way,

Miss. Siskind should retract her remarks at once and issue a full apology to the Russian Federation and to the President of the United States for bringing shame on her country on the international stage. If she has any knowledge of threats against Ambassador Kislyak, Miss. Siskind must inform both Washington D.C. police and the Russian Embassy immediately.

Finally, is the tragic scene below, which happened in December of 2016 the kind of thing Miss. Siskind wants to see repeated?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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July 17, 2020

Lol zero comments in three years. You aggro russkie losers are so pathetic. The Homosexual Agenda is gonna bury you one day!

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