America-Gate? Presidential candidate Sobchak travels to US, colludes with anti-Russian NGOs

Ksenia Sobchak made a campaign trip to the US to bash Vladimir Putin – though she admits he’s popular

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Russian Presidential Candidate Sobchak shows her true colors, taking a trip to the US, one month away from the elections, to bash her president, Putin, in front of US NGOs. Is this the start of “America-gate”?

If so, you heard it here first.

This is absolutely outrageous, we’ve long heard scurrilous accusations during the “Russia-gate” story, that President Trump has colluded with “The Russians”. No evidence has been produced to prove it; and to the contrary, much has been produced to disprove it. One wonders if this is the start of “America-gate” in Russia.

One month before the election is when candidates make their closing arguments, and a final push for the presidency, yet Sobchak decided to focus her efforts on a US campaign mission. She spoke at CSIS, the NGO with ties to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, in other words, one of the most Anti-Russian organizations in the US she could have possibly met with.

This reveals her true feelings towards Russia. Despite the fact she claims to stand for all Russia, she is actually an elitist who considers the Russian election already lost. In her mind, Russians are a lost cause who mostly support Putin, and not worth her precious time.

She’s far more interested in gaining publicity and love from the west, through bashing her own country in American forums while prostituting herself for the west. Sobchak is clearly the candidate who wants to sell Russia out on a silver platter. She would undo all the great work President Putin has done together with The Church, and the entire Russian people and other leaders, to make Russia spiritually and physically strong and independent again.

The Marketplace of Our Democracy – Ilya Glazunov

In the video further below, she has the audacity to discuss with foreigners “the things which legitimize Putin”, with the arrogant presumption that his popular support is a bad and lamentable thing.

Ironically, she does not attempt to deny Putin’s popularity. She says:

“Millions of people vote for him. this is also the truth we have to live with.”

-This arrogance…I have seldom seen it on such a treasonous level. She is speaking about the popular support of the President of her own country, whom she is campaigning against in a foreign country! She is implying the choice of millions of he own people is a sad fact “we must live with” She goes on to say:

“Many people really support him … because they are quite conservative…because they gained more money than they did in the 1990’s.”

So, in other words, she is saying people really support their President because they share his political alignment, and *gasp*, their income quadrupled since the 90’s.

So they support him for his professed values, and the actual way he improved their lives…how is that a bad thing! Is that not literally the ideal to which a leader should aspire?

It is the next line which sinks into what some may consider borderline treason, she actually tells the US audience that “[these are the people – Putin’s supporters – whom] you have to speak with, you have to turn into your ‘auditory’…”

She is literally discussing with a foreign audience, trying to teach them how to attack the popular support, of the democratically-elected President of the country in which she not only lives, but seeks election to his office. This may be her “basket of deplorables” moment, if you will.

This demonstrates the highest degree of a double standard that can exist. Can you imagine what would have happened if, during the US Presidential Election, then-Candidate Donald Trump were to travel to Russia, meet openly with Russian leaders, and discuss how Hillary Clinton receives her support, and how it can be taken away?

It is one matter for a private citizen to do this.

All peoples have the right to expatriate, to move and live in a country of their choice, where they are happier, and to begin their new life, but Sobchak is a Presidential candidate who, theoretically, people could vote for (even as no one including herself expects a victory). She could not possibly come off as more of a saboteur “clowness” if she tried. We’ve constantly heard about Russia-gate with no proof, but this may become the start of a new famous phrase – “America-gate” in Russia, and if so, all the proof is right here.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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