Russian opposition candidate goes berserk, throws water at opponent in LIVE TV debate (VIDEO)

Kseniya Sobchak threw a glass of water at nationalist candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky in a televised debate filled with fireworks

As Russia gears up to elect a president on March 18th, tension is rising between the challengers to incumbent Vladimir Putin.

A televised TV debate on February 28th descended into a free for all, when “candidate against all” Sobchak assailed veteran politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky with her glass of water.

This woman can’t control her temper for five minutes, yet she wants people to trust her with command of several THOUSAND Nuclear warheads.

Here is the video by long-time YouTuber and Russia-watcher Inessa S:

In addition to her translation, there is an elongated version of events with commentary and interviews at Vesti news:

To be fair, Zhirinovsky did insult Sobchak, calling her a fool and a prostitute, among other things, and he probably would have been better advised to keep his cool.

As a result, he broke the first rule of dealing with trolls: don’t feed the trolls.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a legitimate opposition candidate, (even if Putin still has by far the most public support), but few could say Zhirinovsky does not love his country, even if his vision differs from that of others.

Sobchak however, being a troll and seemingly a self-hating Russian, wants nothing more than to cause a disturbance – both during debate and in her country as a whole. By causing Zhirinovsky to lose his cool, she amptly succeeded, even if she immediately revealed herself the bigger fool by throwing her water at him.

It is also sad, because Sobchak is the candidate which so many in the west, who know nothing about Russia, will probably support. She is part of the bourgeoisie class of ultra-capitalist elitists who talk about human rights and democracy, while deep down despising the common folk of the nation, eager to sell them out to the foreign, globalist class.

America-Gate? Presidential candidate Sobchak travels to US, colludes with anti-Russian NGOs

This is all just another reminder why the world has Vladimir Vladimirovich to thank, for being a moderate peacekeeper. As they say:

Blessed are the Peacekeepers, for they shall inherit the earth

Speaking of peacekeepers inheriting (or ruling) the earth (world), who in the comment sections knows two possible translations of the name Vladimir?

The West doesn’t realize how moderate Vladimir Putin really is

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