In Russia’s Saint Petersburg, the tallest skyscraper in Europe is under construction (VIDEO)

Russia’s second city will soon boast the 462 meter high Lakhta High Rise

The largest country in Europe (and the world) will soon have the tallest building in Europe.

Russia is building the Lakhta High Rise in Saint Petersburg, which is expect to measure in at 462 meters (1515 feet) with the length of its spire added. It will tower over anything else on the continent.

The title is already held by Russia with the Federation Tower in Moscow, coming in at 374 meters (1227 feet), which will be pushed to second place.

The new skyscraper will serve as host to offices, including Russia’s Gazprom, as well as a planetarium, fitness center, and concert hall.

Russia also possesses the tallest freestanding structure in Europe – the Ostankino TV tower in Moscow, standing at over 540 meters (1771 feet).


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