FSB foils another terror attack in Russia’s second largest city of Saint Petersburg

A complex plot was prevented from being carried out, and a Central Asian suspect was arrested

Once again, the FSB has foiled a major terrorist plot from taking place on Russian soil.

This is only another example of the real danger Russia faces from terrorists, and the dedication of her security forces to their elimination.

Russia takes a very active role in destroying terrorism wherever it rears its ugly head, because Russia, more than many countries, and far more than the US is on the real front lines of the fight. We have already covered how Russia lead the CIS to crush terrorist plots.

Russia, CIS intelligence black ops took down 99 terrorists in 2017

This is why it can be frustrating to hear people speak as if Russia is “not doing enough to fight ISIS”, even as these same people had no idea what ISIS was, prior to 2014, much less the fact that Russia was the primary catalyst for the destruction of the terrorist organization.

Unlike the US, Russia practically shares a border with the Middle East; the distance between the Caucasus and Syria is not far at all, so Russia has a far greater motivation to eliminate terrorism in her backyard, and as RT reports, this is what we saw in the motherland:

The Russian Security Service (FSB) say they have prevented a string of terrorist attacks targeting public places and public transport. A suspect from Central Asia has been detained.

Authorities have not disclosed the identity of the suspect, for fear of compromising the ongoing investigation.

In December, seven alleged supporters of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) were apprehended on suspicion of plotting attacks across St. Petersburg.

Terrorists have targeted the northern Russian city repeatedly over the last year. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claimed responsibility for an improvised explosive device that injured more than a dozen people at a store in St. Petersburg just days before the city rang in the new year. In April, a bomb attack killed 15 commuters riding the St. Petersburg Metro.

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