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Pierre Poilevre Pummels Trudeau – Hire Canadians. Fire Trudeau.


Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilevre pummeled Trudeau’s rhetoric with facts to fight for Canadians.  He stands for the Canadian worker and their current plight.  Pierre is highly skilled in the art of debate; revealing Trudeau’s deep lack of substance comes easily to him.  He is a pleasure to watch.

Erin O’ “Whata” Toole recently removed Pierre as finance minister, threatened by Pierre’s skill and charisma.  Erin is the relatively unknown leader of the conservative party in Canada.  Now Pierre is free to run against O’Toole to become the leader of the Conservative party.  I would advise Canadians to look to Pierre Poilievre as a future conservative PM of Canada for Canadians.

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February 20, 2021

Foppish Trudeau is turning into Mister Bojangles with his shiny suit and glib platitudes. I find his trite rhetoric increasingly difficult to listen to. He has been an absolute disaster for Canada.

February 20, 2021

Trudeau’s puffy ridiculous face says it all. The whole Trudeau family was a disaster for Canada, Pierre especially.

February 23, 2021

Canada’s immigration policy has been insane for more than 30 years. The real unemployment rate has been over 20% for more than a decade, yet successive governments have continued to have immigration “targets” of 400,000 per year. How does that help the unemployed and under employed? A decade ago, the Canadian government admitted immigration was a net cost of $35 billion a year. How does that $35 billion help un- and under-employed Canadians?
If the Duran thinks the other political parties in Canada are any better, it is sadly mistaken.

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