PC liberals remove Christopher Columbus Statue in San Jose

Every cultural icon must go

Today’s cultural modernist will leave no part of our Christian heritage or tradition standing. Everything must be part of the new man, the modernist. No trace of the past is to be left. Nothing is to remind us of what once was our greatness.  The removal of statues is a part of this. We are told that Columbus was evil. Many cities are now replacing his holiday with “Indigenous People Day”. The removal of a time honoured state of Columbus in San Jose California is just another example of this madness.

Will nothing be left of our Christian heritage?  Will no stone be left unturned? San Jose is just one of many of these attacks that seem to have no end in sight. In New York, according to the Washington Post, statues of Columbus have also fallen victim to vandalism:

At least three Columbus statues in New York have been vandalized in recent weeks, including one in Central Park that had its hands painted red and graffiti scrawled across its pedestal. And in Baltimore, the purported first-ever monument to the explorer, erected in 1792,  was attacked with a sledgehammer in August.

The hysteria that started with Confederate monuments is taking the destructive historical sterilization to every last vestige of heritage and tradition. Future generations, then, will have only a cursory understanding of our history that will know for certain little more than that our forefathers were unenlightened and oppressive. That we have moved on as a culture to become more inclusive and more tolerant as a society, open to a new way of life that defines no particular cultural perspective a primary mode of life, absent of any real social homogeneity will be the little that is known by our children, who, it is hoped by our progressive leaders, will be multicultural and diverse with little attachment to those dark times.

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