A new app has been created to help travelers avoid “no go zones” in Europe

As dangerous as Europe is becoming, travelers need all the help they can get

Many on the Left have mocked the acknowledgment of no go zones, despite the fact that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself has admitted the fact that many metro drivers will no longer stop at many terminals for fear of the migrants. She even went so far as to dismiss the idea that such areas do not exist, stating that “there are such spaces, and you have to call that by name and you have to do something about it.” 

A new app that helps commuters and travelers avoid the dangerous locations must also be a fairy tale in the mind of liberals.

As reported in Breitbart

Parisian public transport company RATP has partnered with a tech firm on a mobile app which allows travellers to match up with others making similar journeys so they can avoid being targeted by criminals on public transit.

The app, called ‘Mon Chaperon’, or My Chaperone, has been available since December 2016 and allows users to meet up with others travelling along the same route.

Fabien Boyaval, the creator of the app, said: “I had this idea after one of my friends was assaulted in the street in Montpellier.”

The partnership comes among rising concern across Europe about the prevalence of No Go Zones, areas of lawlessness where outsiders are afraid to enter.

While Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam documented their existence and the characteristics of these neighbourhoods across Europe and America in his 2017 book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, others have since come to discover this new facet of life in Europe.

Breitbart London reported this week on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has belatedly admitted that No Go Zones do actually exist.

The app has so far only around 6,500 users, but the new partnership signed in mid-February with RATP could vastly increase its userbase, Gazette de Montpellier reports.

The app’s website describes the how the system works by matching up users based on their departure and destination points. The app also uses a rating system to ensure a user is matched up with a trustworthy fellow traveller…..

Yet the Left views existence of this app as something that was made up by Islamophobes. Even with the rising wave of migrant crime and the economic difficulties that EU member nations experience as a result of this immigration, which are major political factors that are even shifting political discourse and elections, the Left continues to live in denial.

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