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Kamala Harris’ visit to El Paso is cowardly and selfish [Video]

El Paso, Texas has a good solid border wall, along the city proper’s entire border with Ciudád Juárez, and extending a long distance beyond both cities’ limits, far out into the desert. El Paso is blessed with a Republican mayor, and apparently, border enforcement is in reasonable shape.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Kamala Harris chose this city as the place to make her long-awaited “trip to the border”, rather than to go to the camps built along the Lower Rio Grande Valley where migrants are on top of one another to freely cross into the United States… because Imposter Joe and Kamala are so weak and also so sold out to liberal ideology that they are getting walked on all over the place.

For this hapless opportunist, “looking good” seems to be all that matters.

How wonderful it is that she seems to have become unable to even do that.

Dr. Steve Turley expands on this in his fantastic report. We also feature a video by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as he weighs in on his own experiences regarding this charade.



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Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
June 27, 2021

The poor DNC – went to such length to steal the election and get their two Chosen ones on the throne – a demented feeble old man and a snickering, hated woman of color, what a victory! Both of them are hated and ridiculed by the people, and for good reasons. They are doing a lot of damage, but in the end they will be doing the most damage to the Dem party.

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