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LGBT EURO2020 Germany Hungary

LGBT EURO2020 Germany Hungary

Germany put on a show of color on Wednesday in defiance of UEFA’s refusal to light Munich’s Euro 2020 stadium in rainbow hues, as a political row over Hungary’s anti-LGBT law escalated.

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June 26, 2021

To all Governments, sports bodies, retailers, and so on.

Like many people, I’m completely sick of LGBTQ (and however many other letters of the alphabet you care to add) being rammed down my throat at any and every opportunity which arises. I couldn’t care less what your LBGTQ habits, mores, proclivities mean to you – they mean absolutely NOTHING to me. You do not want my opinion on your behaviour, any more than I want yours on mine, so crawl back under your stones and just leave the rest of us alone. I AM NOT INTERESTED OK?

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  FranBrown
June 27, 2021

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t give a rat’s ass what anybody else does between the sheets in the privacy of their own bedrooms, as long as nobody gets hurt and it doesn’t involve crime. But I don’t want to watch it, see it, read about it, know about it, have my nose rubbed in in, talk about it, have it rammed down my throat, be forced to change my vocabulary because of it etc. etc. I know in the past people were imprisoned for this, which was an injustice and a tragedy that should never have happened. But what’s… Read more »

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