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Joe Biden supports children declaring themselves “transgender” [Video]

Can you believe this?

Joe Biden suppports children making the decision to be “transgender.” He expressed this thought rather clearly, despit the video headline using the word “implicit.” How implicit is this? You be the judge.

This is not an idle statement. It is backed up by years of efforts:

While I cannot understand how any man can say this without severe repercussions of conscience, I also understand this: Joe Biden is a consummate liar. He lies in grand fashion. Whoppers. He does not care. So, the poor man’s conscience is probably all but destroyed, and this is a tragedy.

However sad it is, this kind of judgement cannot be allowed to be borne on our most precious ones of all: our children. Many people in America have followed the slippery slope of “secularism” to the point that they seem to virtually believe that “parts are interchangeable” and that there is no difference between men and women. This is Marxist thinking taken to its most radical point in the cultural sense, right along with the idea that euthanasia is a good thing for both the person wanting to die and the people that do not want to deal with that person any longer for whatever reason.

The idea of encouraging children, who simply do not know about sexual identity before they hit adolescence, to the point that, if a boy plays with dolls this means he should become a girl by surgical mutilation, is insanity. It is certainly insanity for adults who have gender dysphoria (the result of a Godless and decadent lifestyle), and to extend that insanity to children is utter madness.

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October 30, 2020

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