Hungarian PM Orban calls out EU’s incompetence in handling migrant crisis…’Europe is unable to control the situation’

Is Brussels full on incompetent overpaid bureaucrats…yes.

Are they driving Europe into the abyss…yes.

Who is to blame for all of this? Simple, the nations that bombed and destroyed Syria and Libya…oh yeah, the USA, UK, France and all NATO member states.

From sanctions on Russia, to the Greece crisis, and now the blowback from Syrian and Libyan migrants/refugees (a problem the US and NATO created)…the EU is showing how poorly mismanaged it is.

Via RT…

“We Hungarians are full of fear, people in Europe are full of fear because they see that the European leaders, among them prime ministers, are not able to control the situation,” Orban said on Thursday, after a meeting with European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Brussels.

The prime minister added: “I came here to inform the president that Hungary is doing everything possible to maintain order. We are creating now in the Hungarian parliament a new package of regulations, we set up a physical barrier and all these together will provide a new situation in Hungary and in Europe from September 15. Now we have one week of preparation time.”

On Thursday, Hungarian police allowed hundreds of migrants inside Budapest’s main railway station, but then the authorities canceled all trains to Western Europe, causing chaos.

Following talks with the president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, Orban noted the current refugee crisis was not an EU problem, but rather “a German problem,” as he put it.

According to Orban, none of the migrants want to “stay in Hungary.”

“All of them want to go to Germany,” the Hungarian prime minister said.

On Wednesday, the Hungarian PM lashed out at the “failed immigration policy” of the EU. In a commentary for the German Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung daily, he defended a decision to erect a fence along its southern border with Serbia, saying:

“We don’t do this for fun, but because it is necessary.”

He said his country was being “overrun” with refugees, most of whom, according to the prime minister, were not Christians.

“Europe and European culture have Christian roots. Is it not alarming that Europe’s Christian culture is now barely in a position to uphold European Christian values?” he wondered.


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September 5, 2015

So much for their core beliefs in the equality of man, their main complaint is that those who have lost everything thanks to christian governments, aren’t Christian’s themselves and that Christians may become outnumbered. If Christianity is such a weak religion that it can only work if its the only religion, then it deserves to fall. How can Europeans have an enlightened future when the politicians are frankly, medieval in their personal views?

EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says she is “fed up that politicians are called to react emotionally” to refugee crisis

The world is being confronted with horrible images of migrants fleeing the results of NATO aggression and war