The world is being confronted with horrible images of migrants fleeing the results of NATO aggression and war

How many more people need to suffer at the hands of endless NATO aggression?

While western main stream media refuses to openly admit it or point it out…we can not forget that the entire migrant/refugee crisis is a direct result of NATO and US regime change operations in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Just wait when Ukraine collapses and tens of millions of neo-nazis begin seeking refuge in Poland and Germany. Blowback!

Via Zerohedge…

The current refugee crisis is not an EU problem, but rather “a German problem,” according to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban as his nation’s borders are swamped with foreigners seeking to travel on to Germany. “People in Europe are full of fear because they see that the European leaders are not able to control the situation,” he exclaimed after a meeting with EU President Schultz. He is right, of course, as we detailed here and here, but the sheer scale of the tragedy is worst than many could imagine. Orban defended his decision to erect a fence along its southern border with Serbia, saying: “we don’t do this for fun, but because it is necessary,” adding rather pointedly that his country was being “overrun” with refugees, most of whom, according to the prime minister, were not Christians.

The disturbing image of a drowned Syrian boy has put a human face on a crisis that is of the west’s own doing. 



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Hungarian PM Orban calls out EU’s incompetence in handling migrant crisis…’Europe is unable to control the situation’

Predictable problem. Putin speaks truth, ‘problems would emerge, if West continue their flawed foreign policy in Middle East and North Africa’