Hungary is ready to seal its borders, while Germany is ready to welcome all migrants and refugees

Its more like a European Disunion rather than Union.

Via Bloomberg…

Laws passed last week will allow Hungary to imprison migrants who attempt to enter outside designated areas from Sept. 15, Orban said at a conference of Hungarian diplomats in Budapest on Monday.

“I’m therefore asking those who want to cross into Europe through Hungary: don’t come,” Orban said. “Even though the situation won’t change overnight, we will gradually achieve results and the time will come when we can tell our Austrian and German friends that Hungary’s southern borders are hermetically sealed.”

The Hungarian premier, who built a razor-wire fence along the frontier with Serbia, is hardening his line as more than 160,000 people have entered the country illegally this year. Thousands remained stuck for days at railway stations in Budapest in past weeks as the European Union has struggled to find a common solution to the influx. Orban has asserted Hungary’s right to formulate its own policies on the matter.

Those calling for a quota system to settle refugees across the EU are committing a “terrible” mistake by sending out a message that everyone is “invited,” Orban said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced plans on Monday to spend an extra 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion) on refugees next year.

Under amendments passed by Hungarian lawmakers last week, stricter penalties will apply to human smuggling and damaging the border fence. The legal changes complement earlier legislation declaring Greece, Serbia and other countries along the migrants’ route as “safe,” allowing Hungarian authorities to turn down asylum requests from people arriving from these places.

“People arriving from a refugee camp in Turkey, or coming via Serbia, Macedonia or Greece are not running for their lives,” Orban said.

Hungarian parliament is scheduled to vote on Sept. 22 on an amendment that will let the government deploy army units to the border, state-run news service MTI reported.


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Abraham Seggfej
Abraham Seggfej
September 20, 2015

Orban is right. Under the refugee agreements, anyone who is seeking assylem must claim assylem in the first ” safe’ nation they cross. We all now know that these people are only wanting to go to the EU states that have the best welfare benefits therefore, that is not a definition of a genuine refugee. If the European nations cannot control their borders , how can they claim to be sovereign? The EU has become a complete farce.

Never-mind the American bombs over Syria and Libya. Fox News blames Russia and China for EU migrant crisis

If this plan passes…here are the number of asylum-seekers each EU country will have to take