Never-mind the American bombs over Syria and Libya. Fox News blames Russia and China for EU migrant crisis

Via Seemorerocks…

Blame Putin for the migrant crisis!

This is the line the fantasists at Fox News are playing it.

Blame Putin!

I found this video this morning and within two hours it had been removed so I don’t know what the fate of this will be.

If you have a chance of recording it please do so.


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357 Mag
357 Mag
September 9, 2015

The stupid American goys that believe this garbage have overdosed on the “blue” pills our ZioNazi jooo run lame-stream media been giving them. These are the same idiots that would happily send their sons and daughters to fight all these false-flag wars! Can’t fix stupid, I tell you…

US embassy requests Greek government block flights of Russian humanitarian aid to Syria

Hungary is ready to seal its borders, while Germany is ready to welcome all migrants and refugees