US embassy requests Greek government block flights of Russian humanitarian aid to Syria

The US is so fixated on removing Assad and getting the Qatar pipeline started that its now giving orders to Greece so that its airspace cannot be used to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria.

Luckily Greece showed some strength and denied the US “request” to shut down its airspace.

Via Sputnik News…

Greece denied on Sunday US request to close Athens airspace (FIR Athens) for the flights of Russian aircraft with humanitarian aid to Syria, a diplomatic source in Athens said.

“On Saturday, US embassy appealed to the Greek government with a request to prohibit the flights of Russian aircraft in the FIR Athens. The Greek government refused to do so, in order not to worsen relations with Russia,” the source told RIA Novosti.

According to the source, Moscow has requested and received Athens’ permission to conduct flights to transport humanitarian aid to Syria in the period from September 1 to September 24.


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