EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says she is “fed up that politicians are called to react emotionally” to refugee crisis

Anyone thinking that Brussels will follow a path of peace and humanity with women like Mogherini in power is delusional.

Then again she has a point. Most politicians are devoid of human emotions, so expecting anything other than them looking at the refugee crisis from an opportunistic and self-serving vantage point should surprise no one.

Via RT…

The figures of the asylum seekers killed in attempts to cross the Mediterranean are shocking, but when the EU foreign policy chief was asked on Thursday about the picture of “that” three-year-old boy, Federica Mogherini said that despite the hype over the human tragedy politicians cannot afford to act emotionally.

“I am a little bit fed up that politicians are called to react emotionally,” Mogherini said.

“Our job, as I said, is to take decisions rationally, being consistent and coherent with our emotions. So I think, I’m sure, all of us are shocked seeing that kind of picture but I expect not only for us to be shocked but also for all of us to be responsible enough to take the consequential decisions that are needed.”


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