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How Modern Technologies affect Millennials views on personal relationships

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Of all the demographics that have embraced technology, millennials seem to be top of the tree. Taking the standard definition of a millennial being anyone born between 1981 and 1996, some surveys of 18 to 29-year-olds have put Internet usage at 100%. Under-30s are going online to shop, listen to music, engage with social media, join a dating site, and many other activities. But how has this widespread engagement with modern technologies impacted their views of personal relationships?


Millennials are often focused on their finances, given that studying often involves taking out loans, and there are so many other aspects of modern lifestyles can put a strain on budgets. When it comes to completing application forms outlining priority factors where a potential partner is concerned, the income level can be an important consideration. Again, this ensures that any partnership has every chance of getting off on an even keel from the outset.


Millennials signing up to dating sites are doing so for lots of reasons, but one of the most fundamental is the frictionless way they can find matches. Technically-savvy younger people will be aware of the algorithms that operate behind the scenes of these dating outlets, ensuring that people have every chance of being paired with someone who would be most appropriate. When signing up to a site, newcomers are typically required to complete application forms where they can provide a wishlist of factors they are looking for in their ideal partner. As a result of this, millennials will expect their relationships to develop relatively quickly and seamlessly, since they are being put in touch with the singles most suitable to them.

The Casual Dating phenomenon

Modern technology has opened so many new horizons when it comes to personal relationships. While some millennials do focus on the traditional activity of searching for long-term partners, many are just as likely to be taking advantage of apps dedicated to casual dating and one-night-stands. Site users can take advantage of flexible functionality, such as options to swipe-left or swipe-right when indicating interest or rejection based on physical attraction. The ultimate impact of this somewhat insensitive approach would be that relationships are more likely to be instigated based on short-term desires rather than anything more fulfilling. This streamlined way of seeking casual partners is one of the defining aspects of personal relationships in the modern era.


For so many millennials living hectic lifestyles, technology has provided the most convenient way of keeping in touch with their friendship circle. As well as dating sites that can introduce them to prospective partners, a whole raft of social media outlets are available for all sorts of relationships. People can maintain contact with friends, work colleagues, or fellow students simply by tapping into WhatsApp groups or following Facebook posts. Chat room facilities or forums are also heavily populated with millennials who love taking advantage of the available technology to foster all sorts of relationships, both sexual and social.

Family life

Millennials are also the demographic most likely to use social media to interact with family members. People who are separated by distance can maintain a close relationship with the likes of Facebook, or by sending Snapchats back and forth. They can also present constant updates of their everyday life via their Instagram feed. All these aspects of social media are being fully harnessed to bind millennials in relationships at every level, and the available functionality is evolving on what can seem like a daily basis. Technology is poised on the verge of three-dimensional virtual contact with Virtual Reality.

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