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How I came to realize I am a racist [Video]

You may seriously want to read this. It is not what you might think.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

A few weeks ago, I came to realize that I needed to make an admission to the general public. I was not sure how to do this because I was sure it would be very unpopular at face value, because very few people read beyond the headlines. However, there is no better way to state what the admission is, so here goes:

I am a racist. I think other races are not as good as my race is.

This realization did not come easily. After all, my heroes have been those people and concepts that have repeatedly claimed that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Ethnicity, religion, the color of one’s skin – none of these ought to make any difference. So said Dr. Martin Luther King. So said Mahatma Gandhi, both in our times. In the past, St Paul the Great Apostle noted “there is neither Jew nor Greek,  slave nor free, but all are one in Christ.”

Ever since I was old enough to know there was such a thing as racism, growing up as a very young child in late 1960’s – early 1970’s Alabama (and other parts of the United States, as a Marine brat), I knew there was a problem people had with something called prejudice, where someone different from me was to be isolated and set as different (usually less than) me simply because he or she had a different background.

This commercial shaped my life for as long as forty years:

As a kid, I was often discriminated against. I am not really sure why, though there were factors I was aware of. My hair color, my glasses later on, the way I did not like other kids very much… my skin color was no doubt part of it as well, especially in Alabama. One kid of a different race used to take great delight in punching me in the back. I hated him because he did this. However, I did not hate him because of his race; I hated him because he punched me in the back all the time and it hurt.

Growing older, I moved to the Mexican border, and experienced a bit of cultural superiority type racism when the whole Busing project started in the late 1970’s. Schools from different ethnic neighborhoods had to integrate mid-term, and we had to start all over in our curricula in school. I was a dangerously smart kid and I blamed the sharp reversal in coursework and teaching methods on “those Mexican kids”, one of whom was from a very poor family, and smelled horrible, probably because they had no running water in their house. Such was life.

Later I realized that this was the sort of prejudice I ought never have had, so I dropped it. I learned a great deal about how great Mexicans were, culminating in a joyous meeting with many of them in 2018 in Moscow for the FIFA World Cup. They were the best!

But recently, we have had several eye-opening events. We have seen “innocent” black men gunned down by “evil white cops” over and over. The fact that these claims turned out 98% of the time to be absolutely untrue was ignored by the media, though I thought I could hold the high road by paying attention to reality as I wrote about in stories about George Floyd last year and other similar cases.

Additionally, several new movements sprang up in parallel, all seeming to revolve around one particular race. It was determined by the general news media that this race was no good at all. This race was cruel, lawless, and not to be trusted. Because of them, the police forces were to be disbanded. It didn’t matter that public safety would be impacted, but the evil racism that was at the center of the calls to defund the police were so compelling that dozens of American cities were paralyzed and terrorized. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and many other localities were turned upside down because of the need to do something radical to correct this racism. AntiFa, Black Lives Matter and M4BL all were speaking of the problem, and they have seized the spotlight over the last year in a way that has not been seen since at least 1964.

From the splash screen of

The only problem is that the inferior race is not who we are led to believe it is.

The absurd thing is that the inferior race proclaims this while complaining about the race they think is the problem.

The inferior race is, of course, the African-American “black” person. Now, this may elicit howls from many of my readers, but let me poke you a little farther. I am not the one saying this.

I have never believed that any race was inferior. I never wanted to believe that any race was inferior. As stated above, to do so is anti-Christian and I do not want to be anti-Christian.

However, all three of the big race activist groups – Black Lives Matter, M4BL, Antifa and of course, the more aged associations like the NAACP and “Black Muslim” groups all disagree with this.

They maintain that African-American black people are the most inferior race.

They do this by their various platform statements. M4BL really says it well. Let’s look at some quotes from their site.

For much of U.S. history, law enforcement meant implementing laws that were explicitly designed to subjugate Black people and enforce white supremacy. That’s why Black people, along with hundreds of thousands of others, are calling for city, state, and federal governments to abolish policing as we currently understand it. We must divest from excessive, brutal, discriminatory policing and invest in a vision of community safety that works for everyone, not just an elite few.

Are they suggesting that black people just cannot follow the law like everybody else? All this talk about “white supremacy”, which I have never seen in my lifetime played out with regard to black people. But maybe there really is a legitimate complaint. Let’s look some more:

We know the safest communities in America are places that don’t center the police. What we’re looking for already exists, and we already know it works. We need look no further than neighborhoods where the wealthy, well-connected, and well-off live, or anywhere there is easy access to living wages, health care, quality public education, and freedom from police terror.

I am not sure about the grammar here. “…places that don’t center the police”? However the writers suggest that wealthy neighborhoods do not have police terror.

Why do you think that is?

Apparently it is because “police plus black people” means a problem, and the implication that black people are not wealthy, well-connected, or have access to good education, seems to be connected to some intrinsic problem among black people. Why are they not succeeding like others do?

The answer must be “because they are an inferior race.”

This is the reason that black people have police brutality (largely from other black police officers, who are often specially chosen to go into such neighborhoods so as not to give the impression of white-on-black racism.

It is not helping – as blacks kill other blacks more than any other race. So again, the problem must be something inferior about being black, right?

We could go on and on about this, but we do not have to. Let’s look at some information from Black Lives Matter as they attempt to describe the problem:

In 2014, Mike Brown was murdered by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. It was a guttural response to be with our people, our family — in support of the brave and courageous community of Ferguson and St. Louis as they were being brutalized by law enforcement, criticized by media, tear gassed, and pepper sprayed night after night. Darnell Moore and Patrisse Cullors organized a national ride during Labor Day weekend that year. We called it the Black Life Matters Ride. In 15 days, we developed a plan of action to head to the occupied territory to support our brothers and sisters. Over 600 people gathered. We made two commitments: to support the team on the ground in St. Louis, and to go back home and do the work there. We understood Ferguson was not an aberration, but in fact, a clear point of reference for what was happening to Black communities everywhere.

So the problem is everywhere where there are black people collected in neighborhoods, and as M4BL also noted, black people are inferior because they simply cannot get it together like people of other races, hence they are oppressed and require special treatment.

So, I guess this means I must be a racist. I must from here on out treat black people as a class of humanity that is, by definition, functionally incapable of taking care of themselves. But it isn’t ALL people with black skin that must get this special treatment. For some reason, only those with black skin that live in the United States of America are in this very special class of subhuman, incapable victims. Black people in Russia, England, or of course, Africa, have varying struggles but they are all highly capable people and they are noble, God-fearing and beautiful individuals. It is just the American version that is flawed, inferior and must be treated very specially. Here is how the United States, as a racist nation, has thus far moved to try to make accomodations for this unfortunate group:

  1. Police departments have been defunded or so heavily monitored that officers have opted to retire early or quit the force. This has taken place in cities like Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago.
  2. Several towns and cities no longer prosecute for shoplifting. This is a great benefit offered to black people who must steal TV’s to eat. While we are not sure why they are stealing TV’s and other high-cost items when grocery stores stand in the same districts, they must be coddled because they are not capable of determining that it is not possible to eat a television set.
  3. Drug-use in all neighborhoods is increasing, but in black neigborhoods, a whole culture has arisen surrounding the drug dealer and the pimp – often one and the same. It is also allowed for children among these people to have firearms, usually gained illegally, because neither the parents nor the kids can assimilate the idea that killing each other is wrong. It is not when blacks do it to each other, of course, but…
  4. When white-or-other non-black skinned law enforcement officers come, as they often do when there is trouble, we have placed high-technology body and car cameras on the officers to make sure they are being kind to these people who cannot be trusted. Like errant zoo animals, the issue of law enforcement must be understood as something more akin to animal control, and if one of the animals runs away in fear and steals a car, and / or if they take said car or a gun to attack the police officers, the police must treat these poor creatures as the endangered species that they are and try at all costs not to kill them – even though they are putting the police’ own lives in danger.
  5. When black people attack other black people (or other minority or majority race) homes or business establishments, rob them and / or burn them down, no one is supposed to take any action.
  6. Black people are assisted by Nazis the best, with AntiFa being the guardian angels to help make sure to punish anybody who… doesn’t agree with violence. Well, it seems to help; at least the two movements are acting in parallel…

All of this and more has been practiced, especially since spring of 2020, but it has not helped. Foreigh help and money have been brought into play, notably by the great philathropist and altruist George Soros. The Deep State and Great Resetter forces even got Joe Biden installed in the White House, thinking that with Trump removed, the blacks would be able to live peacefully.

This has not happened. Lawlessness has only worsened, with one of most egregious and tragic stories having happened earlier this year, when two teenaged black girls Tased and carjacked a Muslim man and drove with his car door open, smashing him bodily against a barrier before flipping the car at the end of the street (black people are also incapable of driving following anything remotely resembling law or the rules of the road). When they flipped the car, they sent Mohammad Anwar flying to his death, crumpled on a Washington, DC sidewalk.

One of the girls, climbing out of the car, was horrified by what happened. She had left her phone in the car, which was now in danger of burning. And she is seen on video, screaming about how her phone is in the car as though this is the end of the world. For some reason she did not seem to notice that she had just fatally injured a human being in the act of stealing his car.

The reason must be this simple: These people are subhuman. Untermenschen, as the Nazis called them. They cannot be expected to follow the same rules as everybody else. We are not sure why this is so in America – for black people in other parts of the world show themselves very capable of following the law – they run whole nations, sometimes fairly well.

Hence, I am forced to affirm that I am officially a racist, because I am calling out this behavior of black people in the United States as proof positive that they cannot be trusted with personal responsibility. Following this reasoning, it is clear that slavery was the best thing for them; indeed, it was merciful, because were they under the control of their masters, they would not degrade to lawless and murderous behavior.

Now, let’s step away from what I hope was very provocative writing, written for a reason. I am sure that many people reading this will experience the same feelings as I do when confronted with all these facts: Personal horror, a wish that none of this were true, and conflict, because we have been trained that to even think the way I just wrote is the Worst Sin Ever, and no one should ever DARE to think in such a way.

But I bet many of us do. And there is a reason for it.

I never wanted to be a racist. I still do not want to be one. I think being a racist is horrific, hateful and generally a disgraceful way to be. All people are created equal in the eyes of God. Race, sex, color, creed: it makes no difference…

But when any group of people decides, or is convinced, that they are ‘special’, ‘beyond the rules for regular people’, or ‘victims’, then a terrible pathology sets in.

American blacks are no different than blacks in South Africa or England, or Nigeria. From Dr. George Washington Carver to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, General Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Little Anthony, Denzel Washington, Ben E. King, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Tim Scott, and my friend, the lovely and sharp-as-nails Attorney Monique Miles and so many others, the United States is full and brimming with people who do not consider the color of their skin an excuse. All of these people and many more are often superb examples of success, nobility and the ability to stand for the truth before God as good citizens of his world.

But the Democrat Party and its desire for power and control took advantage of many people by telling them from the time of Abolition to now that they are fundamentally defective, that they are helpless and not able to take care of themselves.

Such messaging is the real tragedy. Racism should have ended in the United States with the abolition of slavery. Indeed, Abraham Lincoln brought this to a close – or would have. But the Democrat party of the United States is evil-minded in this desire to split, to victimize, and to preach and enforce such a message of helplessness that it is often difficult to throw off.

The black child growing up in a poor neighborhood is no different than a white child growing up in a poor neighborhood. However, if the white one were told he is a victim because of X, Y, and Z, constantly for a period of years, he will believe it. It will not matter that his tested IQ is 160 any more than it would for the black child testing at the same level. What we are taught to believe is often what shapes us, and whoever is teaching black Americans that they are inferior is committing a great evil. They believe this message…

…and then, they work very hard to convince the rest of America that this is true; that they are indeed a subhuman class.

And the rest of society, who believes differently, is stunned into silence and shock, not knowing what to do, because telling the truth might be too offensive. While they are shamed by the narratives into silence, the people who have been so badly victimized become a real social problem. Democrats caused it. There is no other explanation.

We really need to do some thinking about this.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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July 26, 2021


July 26, 2021

The world population can be divided into three major Races, namely the Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid. 

As a Caucasian I have a confession to make. I am NOT a Racist! as I do not even consider one of the other two Races as Human, but as some form of Untermensch. 

What dose this make me? A speciesist? 

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  Crass
July 26, 2021

it makes you a racist.

Lauren McCarthy
Lauren McCarthy
July 26, 2021

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July 27, 2021

So if you prefer an Italian pizza to an Indian curry does that make you a racist? Well according to the current woke definition it comes very close and with a little time you will be called a racist. That’s the problem with this new western thinking. Its going to the extreme bizarre level. How about treating people like you would like to be treated and the rest is easy. Set exams that show the real results and where improvement needs to be made instead of the nonsense that goes on today all in the name of so called equality.… Read more »

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  gte
July 27, 2021

Preferring Italian food to Indian food does not make you a racist. But believing that all Italians are smarter and superior to all Indians does. By the way, there is only one race: the human race. All physical differences between groups of people are the long-term effects of their physical environment. For example, when black-skinned people from subsaharan Africa migrated north into colder climates with less sun and shorter daylight hours, only those who were able to physically adapt to these changed conditions survived to reproduce. Tens of thousands of years later, their descendants had light skin, which had allowed… Read more »

Reply to  Helga I. Fellay
July 28, 2021

Give it time and the woke crowd will evolve into exactly what I said. That is the problem. Its like a dog chasing its tail; there is no end to it. Crusades, and that is what they are, have to keep evolving to stay relevant and for the leaders to continue leading them otherwise they peter out and die.

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