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HALF of Businesses Can’t Find Workers! Food Prices Hit Decade High!


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Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
June 6, 2021

I only read the headline, but this topic has been brought up on numerous sites. There are three reasons businesses can’t find workers to fill vacancies. Only one of these has been dealt with by the Mainstream Media: Every worker who lost his job as a result of the pandemic and its lockdowns was given unemployment compensation, but an amount far exceeding what it normally would be. Even the dumbest minimum wage earner has figured out that working a dirty minimum wage job for less money than he now gets under unemployment would be a really, really dumb thing to… Read more »

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Reply to  Helga I. Fellay
June 7, 2021

If employers paid a living wage to their workers, there wouldn’t be a problem of finding workers. Let’s face it, the ALLEGED richest nation on the planet, refuses to pay their workers a decent wage, then complains because workers are fed up with being abused and ripped off, refusing to come back and work for peanuts. In Australia, we have similar problems, especially in the agricultural industry where much work is seasonal. The Industry pays their workers peanuts, and insists on housing them in inadequate housing whilst charging them exorbitant rentals for staying in these dumps. At the end of… Read more »

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