Guys vote with their Wallet — No Mangina Movie

I wonder if there’s a real appetite for guys to watch a Mangina movie that undermines men?  It’s hard to tell, but the director may also be attempting to show that being a Mangina is orthogonal to societal norms?

The movie only raised  $1,500 for the flick.  I guess we’ll never know… which is fine with me.

Here’s a Blurb from this Magina experiment:  

“In a world where women are the dominant sex, it’s hard to be a Man”! Welcome to the world of Mangina, a movie about what happens when the gender-roles are flipped, and what it’s like to be a man, or a woman, in a world that values people, or marginalizes them,  in ways never experienced.

Yeah — for many men this is already a reality.


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