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GUILT BY ACCUSATION by Alan Dershowitz – reviewed

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

For two reasons  I won’t go into here, I was never a fan of Alan Dershowitz, but I changed my mind when he showed his true mettle by defending Donald Trump and losing friends in the process.

His latest book is currently available for free from the Amazon websites – kindle version only. There is also an ePUB edition, which I was sent by a correspondent.

Dershowitz is giving away this book as part of his contribution to relieving boredom during the current lockdown, but he also has an ulterior motive. Its subtitle is The Challenge Of Proving Innocence In The Age Of #MeToo. Since when was any man required to prove his innocence, you might ask? When he is accused of rape or some lesser sexual offence, especially if the allegation is backdated.

Most of the #MeToo crowd are motivated by malice or ideology while others are simply mad. Virginia Giuffre is a dishonourable exception, being motivated purely by money. This former sex slave – read teenage prostitute and self-confessed child sex trafficker – had a story to tell, of sorts. Instead she embellished and lied, lied, lied, smearing the great and the not-so-good, the rich and the famous, to line her own pockets.

Unfortunately, while the gullible goyim may swallow her tall story about being forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, she made the fatal mistake of falsely accusing a lawyer/academic/media pundit who can quite likely account for every day of his life since before she was born. That hasn’t of course stopped the tabloids – both regular and cyber – from hanging on her every pronouncement.

The good Professor’s book is short; I read it in under a day while multitasking, and it demolishes her claims about him, thereby undermining many of her other claims.

Having said that, the book is not above criticism. Under “A NOTE TO READERS” the author claims “The #MeToo movement has generally been a force for good…”

Like since when?

He is also too kind by half to his accuser, going half-way to excusing her on account of her allegedly being abused as a child. That is the cry of every prostitute and many small time habitual criminals of both sexes – it isn’t my fault, it was someone else, almost always a man or men.

Dershowitz has also fallen for the spiel of women not being believed. Again, since when?

Chapter 7 is about suggested improvements for the #MeToo Movement – how about abolishing it? That would be a 100% improvement.

This chapter also contains a beautiful quote from a philosopher: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket”.

#MeToo was never a great cause or even a good one, but the largely frosty reception given to the Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden is indicative of many people in high places – women as well as men – realising it has already gone too far.

The one problem Dershowitz has is that like all falsely accused men, whatever he does is wrong. A man who ignores a social media rape allegation – not dignifying it with a response – is apt to be thought guilty. After all, why would he not protest his innocence? On the other hand, if he does what Dershowitz did, call in private investigators and go over both the allegations and his own life with a fine tooth comb, then he is clearly protesting too much.

The reader must be the judge of that. In the meantime, while she is still being tolerated by the media, there is no need for law enforcement to continue to tolerate the former Virginia Roberts. Surely it is time she was arrested for sex trafficking, or, as Dershowitz suggests, perjury, even extortion?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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May 12, 2020

We can’t forgive the criminal child pedophilia of the Dershowitz’s, Epstein’s, Clintons, Philips etc because the one woman who managed to get a story published, finally, doesn’t look as innocent as she wants to appear. This is about the 1,0pps of other children who were kidnapped, smuggled, around the world for the sole purpose of being presented as gifts of innocent flesh to the elites of the world. This is about the children kidnapped out of Haiti under the authority of Bill and Hillary Clinton, children who have simply vanished from the face of the earth. This is about the… Read more »

Reply to  Hawaiiguy
May 12, 2020

Having consensual sex with late teen females who take money is NOT child pedophilia.

May 12, 2020

General David Wherley to Seth Rich, nobody is allowed to be a Hero in this game. And Dershowitz is certainly no hero, a pedophile who plays the game, but no hero. This is about the 1,000s of innocent children kidnapped around the world for deep state pleasure. It’s about the tiny few we hear for a second and then forget. The Michael Hastings, Vince Foster, Seal Team6 Antonin Scalia Dr. Saad al-Hilli You only get to play the part you’re told in this game, any other choices are dealt with post haste.

dennis richardson
dennis richardson
August 26, 2021

I do not give a damn if Alan Dershowitz may be thought as guilty by accusation. Prosecute him and jail him where his mouth will stay shut over this corona virus scamdemic. His interpretation of the Constitution requires his occupation of a jail cell for life Is that unfair?

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