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SENSATIONAL leaks from the German Ministry of Interior

The analyst justified his approach with two concluding remarks:

“There are two important reasons why this information is sent directly without prior consultation with other competent authorities:

1. There is imminent danger! At the moment, supposed protective measures are causing further serious damage every day, material and health damage up to a large number of avoidable deaths. These deaths are caused by the actions of the crisis management and  are the responsibility of the latter as soon as knowledge of the facts covered in the analysis transmitted herewith is available – also of the sender of this information, who is part of the crisis management. Remedy is only possible if the existing knowledge is passed on and acknowledged. All possibilities for upstream intervention have been exhausted by the sender.

2) In view of the factual findings of the present analysis and the policy decisions that contrast with them, the fear may arise among aggrieved outsiders that the decisive protective goal of national crisis management is no longer the safety and health of the population but the credibility and acceptance of government parties and members of government. Such perceptions, which are not irrational per se, can give rise to an unfavourable dynamic in a community based on cohesion, which can easily be limited by rational follow-up decisions through crisis management and politics – based on complete analyses”.

The central message of the analysis is: “The observable effects and impacts of COVID-19 do not provide sufficient evidence that it is more than a false alarm – in terms of health impacts on society as a whole”.

(The info above has been automatically translated. For more info, follow me on Twitter: #dragonloader)

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