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Watch grateful Syrians finally meet their saviors: the Russian military

Humanitarian action and medical help for war-torn nation greeted warmly by Syrian people with songs in Russian sung by children

Russkaya Vesna (Russian Spring) reported that on January 15, 2018, the citizens of Karfa in the South Darea province of Syria received a most welcomed visit from the Russian military forces who liberated them from the oppression of ISIS.

The Russian military, invited to Syria for the support of President Bashir Al-Assad’s regime and its defense, has been largely responsible for the expulsion of ISIS militants who were overrunning the nation, taking advantage of the civil war that was also raging in this country.  In contrast with the United States, who gave support to rebels more allied with Islamist causes, like Al-Qaeda’s affiliate called the Al-Nusra Front, and who have recently been photographed relocating ISIS personnel and training them, the Russian forces have simply expelled or killed the ISIS militant power in the region.

This day, the humanitarian operations were able to begin in Karfa, and they were very warmly welcomed.  A doctor from Russia received and treated 102 people, there was a food distribution with rice, sugar, tinned meat and tea.  However the reception of the Russian troops seemed to be the real catharsis for the people of the town as they welcomed their liberators.

Karfa is one of about 100 towns and villages that were freed from ISIS occupation in the southwestern part of the Aleppo province of Syria. On Sunday, violent clashes with Al-Qaeda terrorists and Ahrar ash-Sham ended in Russian victory with the Russian and Syrian Army regaining control over the strategic road that connects several towns.  The armed forces declared that they gained full control of all settlements on the Al-Hass plateau after a four-day rapid offensive was carried out.

Fighting still continues, but for the people of Karfa, the peace gained by their Russian allies is much appreciated.

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