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Politicians or infants? Whiners try brat fits to promote their agenda

Politicians or infants? Whiners try brat fits to promote their agenda

A government shutdown is quite likely from the looks of things.  Stock up on food, pack the kids and dog and head for the hills, because the world is going to end.

Oh, please.

The Democrats (and some Republicans) are very angry at their President.  Following a failed and vehemently rejected series of immigration reform proposals, they are trying to get what they want by refusing to fund the government, thereby shutting parts of it down. Curse-filled News Network (neé CNN) is still demonstrating their ability to say four- er- eight-letter vulgarities on the air (but then they apologize for it after they say it, like the hypocrites that they are).  Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer tried to manipulate the president to save his political face by bucking under and agreeing to the Democrat amnesty masquerading as immigration reform.

While President Trump gives as good as he gets, he does manage to act like the comparative adult in the room.  However, when dealing with a bunch of insane children, sometimes the adult has to “go very simple” – since the insane children are incapable of dealing with reason.  It must be all that legalized cannabis smoke floating around the District.  Reefer Madness at the highest levels of the land.

Nonetheless, when dealing with recalcitrant drug addicts, the strategy is to outsmart them and corner them until they realize that they should change their mind.  To that end, President Trump has done this through his mastery of the Twitterverse:

and this:

By doing this, the President successfully brings this mess into the light of day for everyone to see.  It is messy, but it is also effective.

The American political class.  Grown men and women acting like babies in a playpen.  No wonder the world laughs at us.

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