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CNN meltdown over Trump is deranged and selfish

The MSM reaction to Trump’s alleged curse is FAR worse and more disrespectful than his private closed-door meeting comment

Following the reported profanity that President Trump supposedly uttered in a closed door meeting, the mainstream media has sunk to a new low, and taken the United States public with them.  The expressed “outrage” over Trump’s use of a profanity-laced term in a private meeting that was NOT for the press is already kind of suspect.  After all, closed-door meetings are not for the public eye or ear, and things get said in closed-door meetings that are not meant to be for the ears and eyes of babes.  So when the media tries to capitalize on this situation, they end up making everything far, far worse.

Enter the stream of hypocrites on the Left.

CNN is the biggest offender. Now, please, consider this:  CNN has national reach.  This network is usually the network of choice played in airports various public venues, usually with families and children present.  And yet, in full knowledge of this, the CNN anchors repeated Trump’s vulgarity at least 36 times on the air in the day following this incident. They did this with impunity.  Perhaps it is because CNN knows that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not regulate cable and satellite programming (which is why you can see any manner of filth “on cable”), but they violated their already eroding trust with the American populace by placing their virulent apoplectic hatred of a sitting president over anything else.

Variety Magazine reported on their website that there were indeed a number of complaints registered the FCC concerning this behavior.  Additionally, “NBC Nightly News” said the vulgarity, though with an advance warning given by anchor Lester Holt.  CBS and ABC chose the high road and did not use this word, and I am not using it here, either.

Why is this?  Because we in the news media have a responsibility.  We have to bring the news to our readers and viewers and listeners with as little political or social bias as possible.  No news source can truly be said to be neutral, since every outlet has a certain editorial interest, but we can be conservative in the way we express things.  There is no excuse for profanity and vulgarity in broadcast-level or public level media sources that children have access to.  It undercuts the formation process every family has, which ought to be under the direction of the parents.  The freedom of a family to raise their children in a way that they want ought not be compromised by the selfish wishes of people who are so carried away with their own passions that they do not care for the needs of others.

This chart is of CNN Viewership before March 2017. The cable network’s ratings have continued to be adversely affected by extremely biased and often unhinged reporting about President Trump.

Now, likely the effect on CNN is that they will continue to commit slow suicide – This has been evidenced in both short and long-term tracking.  However, they seem to not be concerned about this.  Maybe further self-implosion is a good thing, but it does seem strange.  What was once the “go-to” network for the 24 hour news cycle has long since become something else.  The people on CNN expressing such filth in the visage of a news broadcast have sunk a once great network down to the level of an HBO comedy late night special.

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