German media sounds alarm on Putin’s ‘carrier killer’ anti-ship missiles (VIDEO)

Russia’s cruisers are to be outfitted with the deadly Zircon anti-ship missile, which has a range of about 600 kilometers

( – The German press came to the conclusion that Russia’s Zircon missile sea-launched complex represents a real threat to warships of different countries.

According to Stern, hypersonic cruise missile Zircon 3M22 will become the main weapon of the Russian navy. The missile has a range of about 600 kilometers and is capable of reaching speeds six times the speed of sound.

German experts also recalled the modernisation of the Russian battle cruisers Admiral Nakhimov and Peter the Great, which are said to be armed with state-of-the-art S-500 air defence systems and Caliber cruise missiles.

The Zirkon missile will enable the Russian fleet to destroy almost any foreign warships. The missile also poses a particular danger to US aircraft carriers.

The Zircon has been under development since 2011. The speed of the missile will reach nearly  7,500 kilometres per hour. In two and a half minutes, it will cover a distance of up to 250 kilometres. No system in the world can intercept a missile flying at such a speed. For example, British missile defences can shoot down missiles at speeds of up to 3,700 kilometers per hour.

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