Russians suing Apple for deliberately slowing down iPhones

Apple has already been found guilty in Russia of price fixing on the iPhones 5 and 6

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(Forbes) – Russians are hopping on the anti-Apple bandwagon. Following recent headlines that the company purposely slowed its older iPhone models, two Russian law firms are trying to beat Apple yet again in the local courts.

Apple was found guilty by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of price fixing for iPhone 5 and 6 models last year.

Two Moscow based law firms, NLF Group and Lex Borealis, have collected a number of iPhone owners who will try their luck at suing the Cupertino, Calif. tech icon, the Kommersant business daily published on Monday.

Maxim Karpov, managing partner of NLF Group, and Dmitry Ponomarev, partner of Lex Borealis, told the paper that the claim will be submitted to the Tverskoi District Court of Moscow and other courts.

Last month, headlines about Apple deliberately slowing older phone models caught the ire of product users around the world. Russia is merely hopping on the bandwagon.

Lawyers in Israel and France have filed complaints in December. South Korea, Canada and Australia are also likely to follow suit.

Apple published an open letter acknowledging its errors last month. The company said it slowed down the devices to extend their service life and prevent unexpected outages. Apple also promised to reduce the cost of non-warranty battery replacement.

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