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Georgia: Hold the line! Lin Wood and Sidney Powell


Georgia Stop the Steal

Brilliant, Lin Wood raised the roof at the “Stop the Steal Rally” in Georgia today.  They asked the republicans to fight the fraud and get out to vote for the republican senators, but only with a hand count.  Dominion systems are compromised.

Where are the RNC, where are the republican senators, where is the republican party?  Show leadership, do your job!!  Stand up and fight for the people who voted for you.

Why do Senators believe that it is for witnesses to prove to the legislature that the election was fraudulent?  It is not!

The mass of evidence that witnesses are providing is shocking.  There was no integrity and no controls in place to ensure chain of custody, they just did not exist. The evidence clearly points to at best gross negligence or worse election fraud.

The eye witness evidence and expert testimony, that the chain of custody was consistently broken, is compelling, including strange statistical anomalies which are not explainable by human activity or “computer errors”.  The fact that the computers were connected to the internet is scandalous, any computer connected to the internet is insecure, meaning the integrity can never be assured.

It is clear that there is no public confidence that the outcome reflects the will of the people.  It had no provable integrity.  This would be the focus of any independent auditors to ask what controls were in place to prove the chain of custody and the security of the election systems.  It is the legislature’s responsibility to ensure this, this is their job. They are elected to do a job for the voters.  The mere fact that there were no controls in place to ensure and prove election integrity means that it can never be certified.

The election processes should be provable, secure and verifiable.  All these requirements have been shown to be non existent by eye witnesses.  Election officials shall prove, using verifiable evidence from the process controls, that the election integrity is and was secure.  If they cannot, then the senators need to take immediate action to address the accusations being brought forward to prove they did not happen! If they cannot prove election integrity, it is unacceptable legitimize the election certification.  If the Senators do not use the power that they have been granted by the voters then they will be complicit in negligence and/or fraud.  I recommend a class action lawsuit against the legislature, the governors and the secretary of states by voters, if if they take no remedial action!

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December 3, 2020

Any self respecting banana republic would be ashamed to commit the fraud that was committed in the last US election.

Bureaucrat Eileen “Cruella” De Villa send in police to do her bidding!

AG William Barr, CIA Asset and Deep State Impresario?