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Fox News continues its collapse. Anderson Cooper now tops Tucker Carlson

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Fox News’ Popularity Slips Among Republicans in Wake of Election

The network’s average favorability rating among Republicans dropped from 67% to 54%

Fox News’ Popularity Slips Among Republicans in Wake of Election

As President Donald Trump continues to criticize the network for its coverage of the election, Morning Consult Brand Intelligence data from Nov. 9-16 shows the network’s average favorability rating among GOP respondents has dropped 13 percentage points, to 54%, and the average share of those with an unfavorable view of the network nearly doubled, to 30%.

Fox News loses to cnn and msnbc…

Fox News loses to cnn and msnbc…

The newest numbers are bad for the Murdochs, very bad… CNN also beat Fox News across the board in daytime (9 AM to 4 PM), finishing first in both the key 25-54 demo (382,000) and total viewers (1.719 mill). Fox News finished third in total viewers (1.511 mill), just behind the 1.528 mill from MSNBC.

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November 25, 2020

Yes Alex…

When the Mid West realises they have been led up the garden path, lost 58K soldiers in

Vietnam and the suffered all of the dystopia mid east for a bunch of CIA Nazi psychopath

fascist criminals allied with The City of London they will not rest….

Sue Rarick
Reply to  Luka-the-K9
November 26, 2020

The mid-West and Mid-South have realized it for a while – That’s why the Army has gone to offering short cuts to citizenship to illegals that join. They can’t meet their quotas anymore.
Worse for them – With Biden winning the senior NCO’s (the folk that really run the services) know more wars and deployments are on the horizon and are putting in for retirement asap.

Helen B
Helen B
November 25, 2020

This reaction was the Murdoch wife tweeting “We did it!”. Who’s a clever girl then?

New Senate report documents wire transfers from China & Russia to Biden family

SHAMEFUL: US Attorney will NOT investigate thugs who attacked Rand Paul & his wife