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Florida Gov. DeSantis stands fast against COVID “Passports” – [Video]

While this decision is “government policy” at the surface, it actually exposes the war against God being fought by secularists in the US

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The upcoming division of the United States into separate countries is underway. Has anybody considered this as a possibility? There certainly are some factors in play that are really causing Americans to choose a side. One of the latest is the notion of a COVID-19 “Vaccine Passport”, which would restrict one’s movement from place to place or participation in any given activity (staying at a hotel, eating at a restaurant, or going to church) without showing this “proof” of one’s being “safe” to be around others.

This idea has traction around the world, though nations that view personal freedom as important largely reject the notion that this is a good idea. One example of a nation whose initial reaction is “against” is the Russian Federation, as Russian Faith covered and I expanded upon in my news piece here: (Excerpted)

On the medical front and social front, this move shows the overwhelming majority opinion in Russia that COVID is not the end of the world, and that life must go on normally, and as soon as possible. Even now, the country is mostly open. There are mask restrictions in place that are very inconvenient for those inconvenienced by masks (I am one of these; masks interfere with my ability to breathe and they fog up my glasses, so they interfere with my ability to see as well). However, restaurants are open, and once one satisfies the new ritual of wearing the mask through the doorway (where COVID must be hiding and waiting to jump on people), usually they come off at the tables. Try eating with a mask, after all; it isn’t very workable.

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis continues to impress us as a potential candidate for 2024 with his latest decision, that he will pen a state level executive order, not only to refuse to issue vaccination “passports” but to actually block and prevent any attempt to do so in his state. This move is likely to be picked up and echoed by other states, such as Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Wyoming and other deep-red conservative states.

At the same time, the fear mongering about COVID-19 continues apace in California, New York, Colorado (which has really descended into deep-blue territory politically, thanks to the population of the state being tilted by an influx of California liberals), Washington DC, (home of that double-masked imposter currently residing in the White House… mostly sleeping there, we hope!)

An interesting thought is that COVID-19 may split the United States into several different nations, through its impressive marketing campaign of fear as promoted by Drs. Fauci and Birx. Their efforts are certainly aided and abetted by the endurance of the virus, which is, unfortunately, on the increase in several significant places around the world, such as India and Brazil, and which appears to be trying to surge in the US after falling to almost one-tenth of its previous peak in case-per-day reporting.

An extremely long and depressing piece (presently unlocatable) appeared in AccuWeather’s site on March 30, talking about COVID around the world. Most of the news piece appears to be stitched-together summaries of different nations, and while it is certainly exhaustive, it appears to rely on the sheer amount of reports of “case-per-day increases” reported worldwide to push the narrative that, well, quite frankly, we are all going to die.

The only problem is that this argument can only go so far. We are, after all, going to die anyway, with or without COVID-19’s help.

As many of my readers already know (and as many of my detractors also know, and grit their teeth at), my own efforts at “geopolitical” or “cultural” analysis are shaped in light of what is often called “Sacred History.” This is the point of view that examines all of human history in light of the advance, adherence to and / or rejection of the Christian Gospel and Christianity itself. I would be very quick to point out that most of the great body of writers here on The Duran are far, far more astute political and geopolitical thinkers than I, and they are very well-studied, and often correct.

Nevertheless, I must offer my take on the efforts to bring about the group of radically globalist changes collectively referred to as “The Great Reset” – the motivating factor for these changes is fear. Their message, that is to say, their ‘gospel’ goes something like this:

There is nothing more important than staying alive, because when you are dead, it is all over. Therefore, we need to inform you that the world we live on is trying to kill you. It is your fault too, because you like things like driving and staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so we are going to fix it. Do whatever WE order you to do, and you will be able to remain alive. This means: stay away from your family and friends. Live by yourself in isolation. Do NOT go to Church because the people there are particularly infectious. However you can pursue spiritual feelings by purchasing our modern day soma (marijuana) and if you need some excitement, setting other people’s property on fire is a great way to blow off some steam, and you will be helping our cause, too! The age of religion is passé and outdated, so don’t be a Neanderthal by continuing to pray and have faith in God. He isn’t going to help you. No one is… but us, according to our own ideas of what is good for you. Don’t worry, you are in good hands with us. We know what we are doing.

For a time, the messaging on this was pretty effective almost everywhere. However, depending on the amount of real faith imbued in any given society, the COVID “isolation” response set in deeply in some places and less so in others. Places like the Republic of Georgia barely batted an eye at COVID, while the United States went into the deepest of panic modes (and consequently lost the most lives and has the most cases anywhere). The USA is certainly the most deeply wracked nation, evidenced by the incredible burst of rioting, violence and crime that has taken hold in the United States. In fact, it is like COVID brought a “reckoning of faithlessness and despair” to many who were on the brink already, and now it is an all-out free fall. Riots have occurred in Portland, Oregon, a liberal bastion of secularism, every night since May 28, 2020. Every single night. That is a lot of energy being expended on madness. Similarly, riots tore apart New York City and other great American cities, and most strangely, the move of the governments of these places was to REDUCE police protections, endangering the safety of law-abiding citizens and promoting more violence.

If one examines the demographic patterns of who is doing what, one will find this truth: That dedicated Christians are the least affected by COVID and the seculars are the most affected by it. This is not a claim about who is sick more – to my knowledge there is no survey analyzing this, though it would be an interesting one. By “affected” I mean that the person has changed something in their life to meet the “threat” of COVID-19. Maybe now they wear masks everywhere, or they refuse to be in crowds (except for during riots) and otherwise they hide. By “least affected” I mean that the people go and live their lives with little to no evidence that they are aware of COVID-19, much less being afraid of it.

A big part of this is that Christianity maintains that this life is not the End, but the preparation stage for eternal life, and so many people are encouraged because they possess this level of faith. However, there are other levels, such as simply trusting that God is the authority in all things and that trying to control the virus’ spread is like trying to control the world – it cannot work, so why worry? I find myself more in this camp, though I wish I were one of those that was fully convinced on the notion of eternal life (and I am a Christian!), but I write this just to show that there is a spectrum of faith and belief, not just an “on-off” proposition: you either believe or you don’t. Such is not my experience, so it seems unfair to say to – or about – anybody else, that this is necessarily true.

It might be better said that where there is more faith in God than fear of the virus, life is more civilized and normal. It can also be said that where fear of the virus reigns over respect for the Law of God, chaos reigns supreme.

Governor DeSantis, Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi and probably others, are in agreement with Gov. DeSantis about who to place trust in during this or any other time. We are seeing the United States fragment, and it is being fragmented along religious lines more than anything else. Not racism, but religion: belief in and trust in God or belief and trust in nothing. This is the dividing line in the US that acts as the source of the political disruption in that country. The same measure can be applied to Europe in many ways, but the United States is unique because of all major Western nations, The US alone held to religious belief most directly and for the longest time.

One should notice that the way these issues play out is not expressly or overtly religious in how it appears. However, the underpinnings, the base principles by which policy is created an enacted does proceed from a basis of either faith in God or faith in the idea that there is no God, or that religion itself is an outdated notion, for primitives and the uneducated. Further analysis ought to bear out that the resulting effect of such choices has vast implications for people and nations. It has always been so, and it always will be so. Florida 2021 is just an example of what decisions taken in faith look like.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
April 1, 2021

Here is an article that looks at how 24 of the world’s leaders are attempting to set up a new global health order as part of the post-pandemic world:

For the past year we have seen just how politics and medicine make poor bedfellows and the signatories of this letter/pandemic treaty want to ensure that politicians remain in control of our health as they set up an endless “protective tyranny”.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
April 1, 2021

The passport is for experimental Covid vaccines that have only been approved for emergency use. They have not yet been fully approved by the FDA or the WHO. The vaccine trials will continue until January 31st 2022 at the earliest but quite possibly until the end of 2022. The vaccines cannot obtain full approval until the trials have been completed. The current estimate on how long immunity lasts following vaccination is only six to eight months. So they want us to get a Covid passport for an experimental vaccine that may have to be updated every six to eight months when… Read more »

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