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Donald Trump tweets about Russia and Iran

Donald Trump has clarified his foreign policy priorities in a Tweet which indicates his continued willingness to mend fences with Russia whilst reiterating his often distorted views on Iran.

Trump Tweeted the following:

Clearly he sees those critical of his Russian policy as ‘losers’. This comes hot off the heels of an interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox news where Trump refused to agree with O’Reilly’s insulting claim that President Putin is a killer.

It is clear that Trump’s battle to re-constitute Washington’s relations with Moscow is a battle he must wage amongst many of those closest to him. His conscience seems to be increasingly clear when it comes to a desire to at least attempt to have good relations with Russia.

Yet his war of words with Iran continues. For everything Iran is, Iran is not nor has Iran ever been the world’s number one exporter of terrorism.

It remains to be seen if either policy will pan out.

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