The election news ‘fog-out’ prepares the way for the Great Reset [Video]

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The mainstream media is absolutely determined to destroy the United States as a free and independent nation with free and independent people. The fervor to which all of the big outlets, including and especially noting Fox News, are running to Joe Biden, to globalism, to the Great Reset which will be the big move to a “one world” sort of governance of the type that the tinfoil hat types have been warning us about for decades…

It is all on the line with this election. Speaking personally, I cannot understand why they would want this. I have for many years pictured government as THE problem, and my suspicion that this was true supported my two most recent relocations (though admittedly this was not the sole reason), to the high plains of Colorado and then later to Moscow, in Russia. The farther away I got from Washington, DC and the “fishbowl effect” of the East Coast cities and of the US in general, the more clearly it became evident we needed real help to save the country from its rush into the darkness, spurred on greatly by one Barack H. Obama.

We got that break, too. When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, the nation immediately responded, and very positively for the most part. I mean the way the country actually ran: employment boomed, companies repatriated tremendous amounts of overseas profits and gave bonuses to their employees, the US did not enter any new foreign wars and in fact ended one war (at least the US involvement in it) and has been far more concerned with bringing troops home than with intimidating other nations. Most recently, several Arab states did the unthinkable, signing peace agreements with Israel, helping to legitimize that nation’s status and to create a united Middle East.

A digression: To this last point, I know many faithful Duran readers will scream at their screens asking how I can sell out the Palestinians and Iranians by supporting Israel. To be sure, I do not have much in the way of warm fuzzy feelings for Israel at all. But the matter here is simple logic:

  1. No major power is going to stand against Israel. – a conveniently forgotten fact is that Russia, like the United States, at least tacitly supports the Jewish state. There is a strong Russian presence in Israel, not the least of which comprises Russian Jews as well as a lot of Orthodox Christians.
  2. Further, the Soviet Union tried to go to war by proxy with Israel. They lost. The country has too much historical and strategic significance for the major powers to interfere unless they both agree to do so, and that is far from likely today. Both countries are in fact working (maybe even in concert) to stabilize the Middle East
  3. The way to bring the Palestinian people victory is not via terrorism. Unfortunately, the Palestinians seem not to have realized this. While their future is admittedly under terrible (and I think, wrong) pressure by the Israelis, these people really have not got much of a chance against the combined powers arrayed against them. The better way to go is through peace and economic development, following the example of Japan, Germany, many American Indian nations and India itself.
  4. The same situation applies to Iran. Even though Russia supports Iran, they will not support Iran launching a war against Israel, and Iran knows this. The only hope that nation’s leadership ever really had was to “inspire” Muslims all across the Middle East to their cause, that eradication of the Jewish State would be to sole task needed to bring about paradise on earth. Unfortunately for the Iranian leadership, it appears that the rest of their immediate world sees their single-minded anger as tipping the Crazy Meter, and they are opting for peace and development. Eventually Iran’s leadership may come to their senses. We hope so; the Iranians themselves are great people with a fantastic and beautiful history. The manufactured rage thing is getting pretty old. 43 years with no real results. When is it time to stop?
  5. President Trump knows this, and that is why the initiative to develop peace in the Middle East through agreements between Israel and other ME states is so successful.

Digression concluded… hopefully the screaming at the screen has also stopped. Onwards!

The media and the Great Resetters also know all of this, and that is probably another reason why they have caused the American news establishment to in effect “go dark.” We no longer get news and information from these networks; we get propaganda. A whole lot of “baseless” or nothing at all.

While this is hard – I am literally sitting and waiting for any updates on the Trump Election situation – this is also really good. Here are some reasons it is good:

  1. News does not happen on a 24-hour constant basis. Remember when we used to get no more than two or three updates per day? We had a national evening broadcast, a couple local broadcasts and maybe a little bit in the mornings on weekdays. In a day’s time, less than two hours, maximum, comprised of news coverage. The rest of the day was on about a thirty-minute loop, repeating any developments until new ones came, and that was available only on news-radio stations.
  2. Our knowledge of events is augmented more at the speed of the events themselves, and far less on speculation. Here I give the lie to myself because much of what I write is speculative. However, my readers should also be able to see that I do not project, but merely propose. Far from calling the election fraud claims “baseless” or “certain”, I can say “they definitely exist and must be addressed.” This last is true, no matter what that treatment actually leads to.
  3. Part of this is antithetical to the news business (so it would probably hurt my work and others like me), but most of the time what happens in the world is not very important. What happens in our neighborhood or in our own homes, is. We have a lot of news junkies in desperate need of withdrawal, and the fog-out and utter failure of that anachronism called the “national news network” is in some ways the best thing that has happened to us in about fifty years.

The only problem here is why.

The Great Reset is certainly real enough, though it is portrayed in as positive a light as dystopian fantasies can be (see below).

What it means for the average citizen is terrifying. However, it may be that alternate media is making the needed impact, as measures to implement the Reset in other nations are hitting roadblocks, namely riots. France may actually throw this off. Hungary certainly will refuse it, as will Russia. The one real soft spot on the planet is America, for our people have been abused by mainstream media propaganda for so long that they are now psychologically conditioned to accept external control.

But there are seventy-four million voters and their families who are not ready for that. If they are awake and aware, they can beat this thing.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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December 1, 2020

I think the magnitude of resources needed for a “Great Reset” is overblown.

One cell for Bill & Hillary (I know, putting them together could be classified as cruel and unusual punishment), one cell for Bush Jr, one cell for Obama, etc etc etc.

Probably a refurbished Alcatraz would be sufficient to do the job. A small artificial swamp on the grounds would make the residents feel at home.

Conducted tours would undoubtedly generate enough income to support itself.

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