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Donald Trump, prophecy and the will of God [Video]

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I found this very interesting.

This is a fascinating video by a gentleman named Doug Tennapel, who also found this to be very interesting. It shows examples of the immense amount of prophecy and prayer surrounding Donald Trump as President, even pointing out the movement Mr. Trump appears to have made towards a deeper faith in, and obedience to, God. This I have seen show up repeatedly in the President’s speeches, as his repeated affirmation of this nation as being “under God”, “blessed by God” and so on has only increased during the tumultuous four years of his (first?) term.

While, as an Orthodox Christian, I am guided not to treat modern-day prophecy with the fervor some folks from other confessions of Christianity have (we are taught, in fact, to generally reject events that appear to come from God, due to our own weakness and ability to delude ourselves), there are some interesting and even compelling patterns that seem to be occurring in prophetic clips that come not only from religious leaders, but from the likes of Ronald Reagan in his early days of politics (when TV was in black and white much of the time).

Here are some of the points that caught my attention, with their timestamps in the video, and comment:

  • All across the Internet, there was not one prophecy for Biden’s victory. Everyone is talking about President Trump winning – Admittedly, one of the reasons no religious leaders are prophesying about Joe Biden is because he is not one to inspire them to do so. I have to approach prophecy with great skepticism – not that I do not believe in it, for I do. However, to give an accurate prophecy, whether it be about the past, present or future (prophecy is telling the truth about what is; it is not only about the future), one has to have a very pure spirit free of personal passions and thoughts that clutter up the message being given them. Most of us, myself included, probably do get hints of what is coming or what is, but our own psychology often messes the perception up. If we happen to be very articulate, we can successfully sway a lot of people to some very bad or wrong ideas. In other words, this is dangerous business, so when considering the aggregate of prophecies from people who are religious leaders and those of just plain good common sense, one might do well to see what that aggregate is saying. This is not new; kings in Israel of old had their own in-house prophets, and not all of them got it right; the ones that did often got in big trouble for it.This is a very long series of caveats, but in order to take all of this issue as seriously as possible, it is necessary to put this forward for you, Dear Reader, to be able to effectively and honestly consider this material. What is evident is that Joe Biden does not arouse religious fervor among those given to prophesy about the United States. However, the characteristics we see laid out do seem to tell us a lot about the person prophesied about.
  • From Kim Clement, Feb 22, 2014 [01:19] “… My David; a man of prayer… how do we kill the giant… of human secularism; I have placed that man amongst you.” and from Ronald Reagan, [02:20] “We will have been weakened from within, spiritually, morally and economically…
  • Kim Clement [05:16] talks about this leader who “may have hot blood” all the way back in 2007 as well, saying this: “Listen to the word of the Lord. God says, ‘I will put at your helm for two terms a president that will pray, but he will not be a praying president when he starts.” This gives some pause. If applied to President Trump, some of this does appear to match what we know about President Trump. He has definitely moved more to openly proclaiming God’s sovereignty over the world and over the U.S., which has been a very welcome change. Again, the timing of this prophecy is interesting because it was February of 2007, a good 21 months before Barack Obama, the most godless President in American history, was elected. At this time, he was not considered any kind of a frontrunner, President Bush and VP Cheney were not doing well poll-wise, but the country had still 17 months to go before the Great Recession of 2008 was to begin.
  • [05:54] – Mr. Clement from February 22, 2014, halfway into President Obama’s second term: “A veil has been placed upon this nation, and I did it. I did it, so that for a season My people would wonder, and faith would increase, for in darkness faith grows; in despair, faith grows. I did it. But now, My fury has ended. Hear Me, for I have found a man after My own heart.
  •  [06:50] – Kim Clement, Feb, 2007 – “There will be a praying president, not a religious one, for I will fool the people, says the Lord…” – it just keeps on going, and the video has a lot more of this. Watch and see for yourselves. Probably the reader begins to understand that there is perhaps something to this. This again was a prophecy given before Donald Trump was even a candidate, or even before he was being considered as a candidate. Now, to be sure, Sean Hannity of Fox News, who has his own syndicated radio program, used to take calls from Donald Trump very often, and the common thing for years was to urge him to run for President. Every time, Mr. Trump refused, saying this is not his thing, but he always enjoyed hearing it, and his perspectives were moving more and more towards a conservative line of thinking. Indeed, when Donald Trump declared his candidacy, he gave it as his response to the chaos and crisis the US was already in, and for him being president was not a personal aspiration to power, but an answer to the call for help.With such a President in power, and with what he has accomplished in his (first?) term, it is easy to see why the secular globalists want him out so badly.

The video goes on, and again, it is extremely compelling. Could it apply to Biden? Sure. Biden is hardly a man of prayer now; he is a secularized man, super liberal, super spineless and living in the liberal concept of Roman Catholicism, which is “oh, isn’t it nice? He goes to Church on Sunday and receives communion (though he supports abortion, boys being able to go into girls’ bathrooms in school and so on – interesting that Chuck Schumer also supports this*)

So, maybe Mr. Biden could have a radical Christ experience. Nothing is impossible with God. However, the line of thought here seems to be that Trump will find his second term (though maybe not consecutive) and that his time will be marked as it has been thus far – a lion for the Kingdom of God; a truth-teller to power, earning the hate of many, and yet, unstoppable.

In general, prophecies usually do not find their confirmation until after the event prophesied comes to pass. Further, some have written elsewhere that in the Orthodox Christian world, God has never made prophecies about the United States through His faithful in the Orthodox Church, a claim which is certainly not true, as St Ignatius of Harbin offered “what began in Russia will end in America” – though the fullness of that prophecy is not entirely understood.

Believers need to pray and wait. Those who do not believe – well, that is fine, but you are invited warmly to come and see for yourselves if you wish. There is plenty of room, and an honest unbeliever is worth many dishonest believers, at least the way I see it. A dishonest believer will block the way to God. An honest unbeliever may find himself or herself standing in God’s presence, going right from unbeliever to one who knows God. It has happened before.

One thing that does ring very true to me, personally, is that the people depicted in this video state very clearly that God is sovereign over everything. He is doing what must be done and he is acting in our world. This, I would propose is very evident: Look at all the aggregates of newspieces around the world and here on The Duran itself – even my own pieces are included in this! that are dire, full of doom and gloom… but that doom and gloom never quite materializes the way we say it will. What is that other than the Lord’s mercy? Our logic is pretty good, but thank God, the world is not operating by human logic alone.

In one way or another, His grace is with us. The only question is how do we respond to this?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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January 2, 2021

Was Trump in “God’s grace” when he assinnated Gen Soleimani? When he recognised Jerusalem as the “capital” of Israhell? When he provokes China?
Or maybe he is in the Devil’s grace?

Brad Golding
Brad Golding
January 3, 2021

Following on from what Sean said, how about the sanctions on Iran and Syria, sanctions that are causing the deaths of thousands. Then there are the lies about Holy Mother Russia, a nation nearer to what we think of as God than the US has ever been. There are many in high places in the US who profess to be Christian, yet their behaviour shows them to be hypocrites. What is at stake here are the lives of the American people, the Republic and the Constitution. Trump vs Biden is a sideshow to what is really happening.

January 3, 2021
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Where in the bible is there reference to God mentioning Trumps name ??? L.O.L. Talk about delusional. No wonder the U.S. is fast going down the gurgler.

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