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The despicable Huma Abedin is beyond redemption

Huma Abedin, longtime aide to Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, attends a Clinton campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., July 5, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File Photo - RTX2NHLV

Watching the American election from the perspective of the mainstream media, is a bit like driving on an elevated motorway above a bad part of town. One feels safe but also unrealistically superior to the dirty, gritty, miserable scenes on the ground that one observes. One can feign imperviousness but  cannot escape the bitter reality that someday, ‘you ‘may be walking on those bitter streets only to be mocked by another on the elevated motorway.

It is through exploring this ‘motorway attitude’ that one sees the true nature of far too many opponents of Donald Trump. For those who genuinely wanted a proper left-wing alternative, a Bernie Sanders or a Jill Stein, this is not directed to you. I have nothing but respect for people who take principled stands, irrespective or their particular political ideology.

But for others, it is not Donald Trump’s conservative credentials that put them into a state of hysteria, it is his ability to walk with and relate to the people on the gritty street blow this elevated motorway that sends them into fits of near madness. If one was asked to come up with a fictional character to symbolise the antithesis of everything Trump stands for and everything his campaign represents, no one could come up with a more accurate villain of Trumpism than Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin represents the lowest qualities of the human condition. She is the living embodiment of hypocrisy, duplicity, dishonesty, cold calculated ambition, greed and inhumanity. Her years of being attached to the hip of Hillary Clinton have seen her act as a double-agent. On the face of it, she is an assistant to a big wig of the American political establishment, but in reality she acted on behalf of the Saudi Arabia government with whom she is deeply connected. She has used these connections to help aid and directly fund Wahhabist terrorists. Make no mistake about it, the hands of Huma Abedin are stained in blood, just as much as the hands of Hillary Clinton.

This woman is a traitor and one who is not entitled to any legal immunity. Only in the unjust parallel universe that is Obama’s America, could Bradley Manning be in prison for bringing American war crimes to the attention of the world (via Wikileaks), an act which serves the cause of peace and the rule of law, yet Abedin freely and arrogantly walks through the corridors of power. This constitutes a double-injustice to Manning and is a profound slap in the face of every person from New York to Aleppo who has died at the hands of Wahhabist terrorists.

What’s more though, her very personality is one that is inherently loathsome and untrustworthy. She is the kind of person who presents an image of plastic, insincere perfection to the outside world which covers a streak of cunning treachery towards which her ambition is geared. She acts as though she’s above the law, above morality and above what a decent, ordinary person would consider good manners. She learned well from her Svengali, Mrs. Clinton.

Like Hillary Clinton she has put professional enrichment over common decency. Both care nothing for the innocent lives their deals with the Saudis have claimed, so long as they can line their pockets and further their careers. Both have remained married to sick perverts because their avarice takes precedence over any sense of personal justice and self-respect.  Both speak as though they’re doing the work of angels but both have worked side by side with the Saudi Arabian devil.

Donald Trump literally lives in a golden tower, but he is never shy about walking on the streets below. He is happy to do so and I sense that this happiness is genuine. Trump is a man who has grown throughout the campaign as he openly admits. When he talks about being profoundly moved by the stories and sights he has encountered on his many cross-crossings of America, I sense in him a humanity that is totally absent in the likes of the condescending Hillary and Huma.

But as is the case with any crime syndicate, the Clinton mafia seem to be tearing themselves to pieces now that the FBI is apparently taking Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities seriously.

All at once, Huma has been demoted from the Godfather’s number two, to a mere ‘assistant’. She is caught between the vitriol of Hillary Clinton and the vice of her disgusting husband. Normally I emphasise with those in difficult circumstances, even when they are political opponents. But I have to say, I take a rare pleasure in seeing Huma Abedin falling on her own sword. She is too despicable a scoundrel to merit any expressions of sorrow from anyone. She forged a life guided by greed, manifested through treachery and travelled on highways paved in blood.

One can imagine the street below the elevated motorway of which I spoke earlier. On that street there stands a poor child, a hungry child, a desperate child. The child gazes up at the foreboding concrete motorway and on it he sees a gluttonous rat of a motorist speeding across the motorway. Just then, the driver gazes down to the street below and sneers at the child. At that very moment, the driver loses control of the car and crashes into a sea of flame. The child smiles for he still has his life and what’s more, he has his dignity and no one can ever take that away from a genuinely good soul.

The Clinton campaign is beginning to look more and more like a car wreck and the end of a mafia film. Huma Abedin has for many years been the driver. She is not worthy of sympathy. Save that for Bradley Manning.

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